Age 129 Changes

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Note: These are subject to change before the end of the age based upon feedback, testing, and developer availability. All changes will be listed.

Balancing changes
Burns 0.8% homes, and 0.1% of buildings randomly. (from 1%)

Kills 0.8% of citizens (from 1%)

Wrath of XENE
35% base success rate instead of 40%

Clear a perimeter
Gain 1 log per 15 raw offence sent (from 20)

1% increases offence by 1%
Increases the effectiveness of military exercises by 1%

Attacking drastically smaller tribes
Land gains are now drastically reduced when attacking a tribe smaller than half your size.

Blasphemy crusade
Defender losses increased to 4% (from 3)
Kills 2.5% thieves (from 5)
Retrains 2.5% thieves (from 5)

Guilds: 15% of guilds (or 4% of land, whichever is higher)
Hideouts: 15% of Hideouts(or 4% of land, whichever is higher)
Academies: 15% of Academies (or 4% of land, whichever is higher)
Temples: 15% of Temples (or 4% of land, whichever is higher)

Intel operations
Slightly harder to cast across the board

Thief formula
When defending against an operation, thieves at home are 25% more effective when comparing TPA.

Race Changes
Tax Income +15%
Guilds produce 1/3 research points
150 Templar Knights are 1 guild equivalent (storage and regen)

New wizard spell "scry'
Reveals 2-10 acres of land for target friendly tribe to settle upon success (based upon the target size).
Base success chance 40%
About same cost as a DM.

Rept Hai
+100% land from exploring when Raiding -> Explore land equal to land conquered when raiding.

Screecher 0/8 1,150 cr -> 0/6 800cr
Eagle Owl 5/4 -> Long Brow 5/4
Swift Feather 0/4 440 cr -> 475cr


+10% building damage on destructive attacks
1 month shorter recovery time for generals (no longer just in war)

Scarlet -

Removed Deams/Ciorin's attacker only change
Altered Elf Racial Spell.

Scarlet -

Pestilence reverted to -10% citz growth as it currently is.

Scarlet -

Updated Blasphemy Crusade building damage, so it works better when a tribe is in suicide mode.

Scarlet -

Updated racial spells, listed all wizard racial abilities instead of just the changing ones.

Scarlet -

Wizard scry & racial updates being pushed to age 130 due to time constraints for coding.

Scarlet -

Added attack land gain bottom feeding penalty.
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