Age 130 Changes

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These are preliminary age changes. Subject to change based on player feedback, and developer availability.
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Overhaul how fame is generated.

1 fame per 5 buildings destroyed
1 fame per 4 acres taken
1 fame per 1000 non basic unit killed
1 fame per 25000 citizens or basics killed
5 fame per spell voided
2 fame per spell/operation reduced or negated

If I missed something it will be added ^

Add new guide section: Fame

Race Changes
Dark Elf -> Gijak Hai

Add: All buildings hold an additional 10 citizens
Remove: Cloak Dagger: Increased ambush Gains by 30%

Gijak-Hai (Orc Mage)

Gijak tribes are a chaotic gathering of orcs kept on a tight leash by their skilled mage leaders.
This chaos is the anathema to infrastructure, and so they must raid civilized tribes for resources.
Their mages powers grow from death and battle, seemingly growing stronger from every encounter.

Racial Traits:
Runners and Exiles take double losses when attacking.
Cannot build weaponries
Homes hold 375 citizens
Income Tax reduced by 50%
Raid and pillage require 50% of normal offence, but deal less damage, and gains are reduced.
Every OPA lost when attacking, or through sacrifice grants 5% Mage Level for 10 hours (Stacks to 150%, All stacks lost when expires) “Blood Offering”

Exile 1/0 50cr
Runner 4/1 185cr
Grave Digger 2/6 350cr
Blood Branded 6/6 700cr
Kraal 1/0 200cr

Racial Military Exercise:
Blood for the Blood God
All units sent on this operation die, and count towards “Blood Offering”
Minimum OPA sent: 5

(Gijak numbers are especially subject to change)
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