Age 131 Changes

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Subject to minor changes based on coder availablity.


Global damage mods
The upper bound 250% and lower bound 25% damage mods have been removed.

> 250% of your size do 75% normal damage
< 40% of your size do 25% normal damage

- Mortality now kills immortal units as expected
- Attacking into a war, now kills immortal units

Sending spells or operations targeting an alliance at war now casts a fireball back 50% at you for every dark spell or operation you send.
This also applies if you're in the war sending dark spells or operations to targets you're not at war with.

Attacking out of a war also applies increased losses and general delay.

Race Changes

In Play:
Oleg hai

Out of Play:
Dark Elf
Rept Hai

Elite Wraith 6/4 750 cr -> 875cr
25% chance of attacks not showing in alliance news

Elite Vampire 7/9 1,550 cr -> 1700 cr

50% reduced thief losses on black operations.

1.3% of Warlocks become Corrupted per month -> 0.9%
Failed outgoing spells kill Corrupted from the magical backlash (land / 200)

Guilds have 3/4 mana storage efficiency, but also store same amount of plans and grant 1/4 normal TP regen
Hideouts have 3/4 plan storage efficiency, but also store same amount of mana and grant 1/4 normal MP regen

Basic Apprentice 0/0 80cr -> 100cr
Def Sorcerer 0/5 500cr -> 0/4 425 cr

Basic Dimwit 0/0 100 cr -> 75cr
Elite Mugwump 0/7 975 cr -> 950cr
Thief Snollygoster 0/3 325 -> 0/2 200cr

Light Elf
Def Istar 0/4 470 cr -> 0/3 300cr
Elite Valar Scion 2/5 900 cr -> 4/6 1200cr

Human Thief

Ordinary looking, life is cheap and thieves' dens are two-a-penny in a Brittonian tribe. War is when a Britt really shines, quick wits and even quicker fingers enable them to use skills passed down for generations to stash resources for later use. Up to no good? You bet your life they are!
Racial Abilities

Homes hold 400 citizens, Hideouts hold 100 citizens (change)
Each building destroyed by thievery yields 2000 crowns
+25% starting money

Military Units
Class Off/Def Cost
Basic Thug 0/0 75 cr
Off Highwayman 4/0 400 cr
Def Lawyer 0/4 450 cr
Elite Marauder 2/7 1,100 cr
Thief Rogue 1/0 125 cr


Winged Mage
Hard to see with the naked eye, this race is pure goodness. You're in luck if a Fairy is on your side as they are the only race that is able to cast “self-spells” on allies. Useful in team strategies and the saviour of many of their friends, it really is time to believe in Fairies!
Racial Abilities

Healer: cast self-spells on allies (race specific spells excluded)
Academies gives 0.005% more Mage Level per fame over 5000 (Max 100%)
Cost of dark spells is decreased by 0.003% per fame over 5000 (Max 30%)
Fairy only spell: Divine Intervention

Military Units
Class Off/Def Cost
Basic Sprite 0/0 50 cr
Off Succubus 6/0 750 cr
Def Fairy Godfather 0/5 475 cr
Elite Fay Queen 1/6 775 cr
Thief Nymph 0/1 300 cr

Divine Intervention
-20% land lost on standard attack
5-15 fame gained each month

Hard to cast.
Lasts 1-8 months

Oleg Hai

Ork Attacker

Also known by the common name of “trolls”, the Oleg Hai spawn warriors bred for battle. If that weren't bad enough, they easily regenerate from Destruction-charged violence, which makes killing a troll for good something of a legendary feat. Naturally greedy, they sometimes overextend to conquer and dominate. Fortunately for them, harpies provide the brains behind the brawn, when they can be found and bribed at least.
Racial Abilities

Immune to Recon
2 generals (can send out 2 separate armies)
Sending both generals gives +10% offence, +25% land gains, and +25% damage.
Harpies are mercenary units
Can be trained instantly from citizens
As much as 40% of total population can be trained as Harpies
Can only be used for attacking the first month they are trained
Disband 4 months after being trained
Are less expensive as the tribe expands

Military Units
Class Off/Def Cost
Basic Gnome 0/0 50 cr
Off Wolfrider 7/2 700cr
Def White Skull 0/8 800 cr
Merc Harpy 3/2 350 cr
Thief Thief 0/0 300 cr

Human Attacker

Often seen as a menace to other races as they get by through pillaging their neighbours. Living on their longships for extended periods of time, their prized ships are like a second home to a viking.

Hit 'n' Run, Raze & Blasphemy Crusade require no general rest time
Bloodthirst - Every month military losses inflicted increases by 10%. Max +100% after 10 months. Only regens if the army is at home
Pillage only requires 50% offence to break a larger tribe (but less than 100% deals less damage)
Weaponries hold an additional 40 miltary

Military Units
Class Off/Def Cost
Basic Thrall 2/1 150 cr
Off Swordsman 5/1 300 cr
Def Archer 1/6 500 cr
Elite Berserker 9/4 1200cr
Thief Looter 0/0 350 cr

Scarlet -


Damage mods removed, and retail fireballs didn't make it in this age because I ran out of time.
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