Age 139 Changes

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Hostility is only reduced from big -> small
Hostility is no longer scaled based on number of tribes, just the alliance size.
War can be declared at 500 hostility.
Hostility increased across the board to reflect 8->5 tribe alliances.

Churches & GH now offer up to 75% protection (from 70)
MV and Survey are slightly harder to cast.

Code of Conduct
Some new clauses in CoC. Be sure to read it.

Also removing this entire clause. It doesn't work with a small player-base, and the target sharing covers what we really care about.

Alliance Co-op
Alliances are not permitted to work together under any circumstances.

Co-op (Cooperation):
- To plan-contrive-scheme-and act with another alliance (or tribe outside of your own alliance)
- To take action(s) against a common target (unless both are in war with the target) together or synchronized where the sum of the actions are intended to be of a greater impact than one of the offensive parties would expect to do on its own.

outgoing effective TPA is capped to LandSize / 100 to match ML restrictions.

Elite Demon 11/9 1100cr (from 1,200 cr)

Exploring costs 115% of normal crowns (From 110)

Dark Elf
Temples Hold 80 citizens (from 40)
Academies gives 50% more Mage Level (from 40)
+100% Defensive priest bonus

Elite Anekonian 2/8 1150cr (from 1000)

Exploring costs 120% of normal crowns (from 110)
+15% damage on Thieves Rebellion removed
-65% of normal thievery losses (from -50%)

Each 1% of Weaponries acts as 1 TPA when defending from thievery operations (up to 20)

Uruk Hai
Def Ogre Shaman 0/7 650 cr (from 700)
Each stack of rage now blocks 5% of spells.

Move to 15 Races Playable.
Dragon in,
Templar in
Owl in.
Raven in
High Elf Out.

3 month attack time
25% of normal military losses
Homes hold 175 citizens, hideouts hold 20 citizens, others hold 5 citizens
Barracks hold 40 military
Farms produce 60% of normal
Mines produce 60% of normal
Yards produce 60% of normal
+50% crowns gained from Raiding and Pillaging
Starting Money: -25%

Basic Baby Dragon 2/2 175 cr
Off Green Dragon 9/2 400cr
Def Black Dragon 0/10 650cr
Elite Red Dragon 15/6 1050cr
Thief White Dragon 2/3 400 cr

1 month thievery return time
40% gains of self operations
Takes 75% less damage from Juranimosity
Cannot perform Thieves Trap
Cannot retrain units

Basic Nester 0/0 40 cr
Off Nightclaw 4/0 350 cr
Def Screecher 0/5 500 cr
Elite Long Brow 6/7 1200 cr
Thief Swift Feather 0/3 350cr

1 month attack time and retreat, but general needs 1 month extra to recover
Deal 35% reduced damage on attacks
Clear a Perimeter: -50% gains
-40% losses for Blackwings when attacking and defending

Basic Nester 0/0 25cr
Off Blackclaw 3/0 150cr
Def Razorwing 0/6 540cr
Elite Blackwing 5/4 950cr
Thief Screecher 0/0 275 cr

45% homes allowed
1 PPA gives +10% Mage Level
Priest offence bonus: +100%
Temples produce one additional priest per month
Can have 20 PPA

Basic Monk 0/0 50 cr
Off Knight 4/0 500 cr
Def Archpriest 0/5 550 cr
Elite Paladin 5/4 800 cr
Thief Cleric 0/0 375 cr

Scarlet -

Thanks Michelob for catching TPA typo
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