Age 140 Changes

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Scarlet -

Dev thread was quiet this age. So please rip this apart give feedback in the discussion thread.

Any updates made to this will be mentioned below in post format.

Class Fix
Mage +5ML applies after all other bonuses, instead of before. (Priests, Fairy)

Race Changes
35% chance to elude attackers (from 40%)
90% normal starting gold.
Hideouts and guilds hold 60 citizens.

Academies hold 60 citizens. (From 10)

Mori Hai
Normal 4 hour attack time.
Generate 1 RP per 2000 citizen per month

50% normal military losses on Half-Giants

Mummy 0/6 580cr (from 625)
Land gained on attacks increased by 2% each PPA.

Acolyte 0/0 75cr (from 100)
Warlock 0/6 575cr (from 0/5 500cr)
Corrupted 7/4 -> 7/5

Orcish Fervor
+Reduces attack time by one month.

Holds 10 citizens (5 for dragon & balrog)
Holds 60 military (30 for dragon & balrog)
Increases combat losses to attackers when defending by 3% (from 2)

General Stuff
Double check that killing yourself through war interference doesn't grant “death” bonuses, and counts as a reset

Look into final age rankings, Mirfors pointed out tribes in protection are counted and last month actions not always reflected.

Scarlet -

Changes Made;

Updated eagle elude, start money & guilds grant 60 citz.
Tiefling elite gets 5 defence so they're not crippled.
MH research / 2k
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