Age 146 Changes

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Subject to changes. Will be updated if there are changes.
4 months of no attacking, or exploring when leaving protection.
Cannot explore before leaving protection.
Tribes start with MP/TP up to 50 if they have capacity
Updated minimum defence to 10DPA required to leave protection

update text for being paused - remove: cast self spells

Churches & Guard Houses hold 60 citizens base
Dragons & Balrog hold 15

Race Changes
Raven -> Nazgul
Mori -> Hobbit
Templar-> Wizard


2 month attack time
20% chance of attacks not showing in alliance news
Immune to Sneak
15% thievery Immunity

Basic Soulless 0/0 20 cr
Off Black Rider 5/0 375 cr
Def Numen 0/7 750 cr
Elite Wraith 6/4 825 cr
Thief Shadow 0/0 300 cr


Nimble: a further -1 month thief return time (2 months thief return time)
Selfless: able to provide aid to allies via Weather's Light and Templu Amblo (with -60% gains)
Second Breakfast: +50% food consumption
Farms hold 150 citizens
Cannot build barracks
Hwighton Raid damage: +100%

Basic Dimwit 0/0 50cr
Off Snecklifter 4/0 250 cr
Def Flibbertigibbert 0/4 280 cr
Elite Mugwump 0/7 800 cr
Thief Snollygoster 0/2 150 cr

60% of normal losses (from 40)

Guilds (not templar knights) generate 2/3 RP
Exploring costs 50% more crowns
150 Templar Knights are 1 guild equivalent (storage and regen)
Unique wizard spells

Scry Land (self spell)
Gain 3 acres on average, increasing slightly with size. (see guide for formula)
Easy to cast, similar amount mp poison

Siphon Land (dark spell)
Gain 2% of enemy incoming acres per successful cast (scales based on relative size)
Hard to cast, similar mp cost to DM.

Basic Apprentice 0/0 100 cr
Off Templar Knight 1/1 175 cr
Def Sorcerer 0/4 375 cr
Elite Grey Wizard 5/7 1,100 cr
Thief Illusionist 0/0 400 cr

Scarlet -

Church / GH changes removed
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