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Update: I was away, and there was confusion on if these changes should go live. Talking to max to see if they will.

Misc Changes
When a tribe resets, all of its science is removed (scaled to each branch proportionally)

War Changes
Multi-war surrender time is now 36 hours, to surrender your first war with no penalties.

Building Changes
Change all building “military only” references to citizens, merging values where needed. No need to distinguish population types. Never seen military only housing cause a kill
Fix issue where hobbits are able to build barracks (work in progress, having trouble)

Spell Changes
Siphon Land
more gradual scaling on the relative land size penalties

Upper bound of land curve adjusted (lower at larger sizes)

Race Changes
Balrog -> Light Elf
Eagle -> Britt
Undead -> Oleg Hai

Elite Mugwump 0/7 800cr -> 950cr
Thief Snollygoster 0/2 150cr -> 200cr

Apparition 0/2 200cr -> 250cr

Elite Long Brow 6/8 1,300 cr -> 1150cr


Human Thief

Homes hold 400 citizens, Hideouts hold 100 citizens
Each building destroyed by thievery yields 6000 crowns
Exploring costs 115% of normal crowns
Ready to go: +20% starting money

Military Units
Class Off/Def Cost
Basic Thug 0/0 75 cr
Off Highwayman 4/0 425 cr
Def Lawyer 0/4 450 cr
Elite Marauder 2/7 1,400 cr
Thief Rogue 1/0 75 cr

Light Elf

Elf Mage

Elendian, Matawaska, Lord of Harvest and Quanta give +50% bonus instead of +10%
Immune to Magical Void
Mines and yards produce 150% of normal
Exploring costs 170% of normal crowns
Construction costs are 170% of normal crowns
Waterborne: Mystical Rust deals 100% more damage
Ready to go: +50% starting money

Military Units
Class Off/Def Cost
Basic Acolyte 0/0 100 cr
Off Maia 4/0 500 cr
Def Istar 0/3 300 cr
Elite Valar Scion 4/6 1,150 cr
Thief Scout 0/0 275 cr

Oleg Hai

Ork Attacker

Immune to Recon
2 generals (can send out 2 separate armies)
Resolve of the Rejected: Some disagree with your choice to go all or nothing and their scorn has only hardened your resolve in battle. Sending both generals gives +10% offence, +25% land gains, and +25% damage.
Harpies are mercenary units
Can be trained instantly from citizens
As much as 40% of total population can be trained as Harpies
Can only be used for attacking the first month they are trained
Disband 4 months after being trained
Are less expensive as the tribe expands
Ready to go: +15% starting money

Military Units
Class Off/Def Cost
Basic Gnome 0/0 50 cr
Off Wolfrider 7/1 750 cr
Def White Skull 0/8 825 cr
Merc Harpie 3/2 300 cr
Thief Thief 0/0 300 cr

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