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Still pending upload + age reset.

Army returns 1 tick sooner, but doesn't reduce the general rest time

Adding in all races. No more rotations.

*Can provide aid to allies -> Can provide aid to HUMAN allies.


Def Black Dragon 0/13 850 cr -> 800cr


2 month attack time
20% chance of attacks not showing in alliance news
Immune to Sneak
15% thievery immunity
Retraining refunds 50% of the cost (instead of 65%)

Soulless 0/0 20cr -> 50cr
Black Rider 5/0 375cr -> 4/0 300cr
Numen 0/7 700cr
Wraith 6/4 900cr

Starting Money +25% (from 15%)

Cursed Mage

These accursed demons of shadow and flame have been sealed away from the lands of Orkfia for aeons. The magic that has bound them is broken, and they have been unleashed upon the world. None who live now remember their terrifying strength nor could know who would be responsible for their freedom.
Racial Abilities

15% homes allowed
Non-homes hold 50% of normal citizens and military
Weaponries count as half an academy.
1 mana instantly replenished per 20 raw defence killed in combat when attacking
50% gains on Draft
Farms, Mines and Yards produce 50% of normal
Starting Money: -25%

Basic Damned Soul 0/0 75 cr
Off Dread Beast 13/0 950 cr
Def Occultist 0/13 950 cr
Elite Demon 11/9 1,100 cr
Thief Imp 0/0 250 cr


Winged Thief

Long revered by many cultures, Eagles have a magical quality that has evolved into magical ability. Many will hunt them, thinking they see weakness, many will fail... an eagle's defensive abilities are second to none.
Racial Abilities

20% chance to elude attackers
Guilds count as 1/4 a hideout for thievery plans
Hideouts count as 1/4 a guild for mana
Hideouts and guilds hold 25 citizens
Exploring costs 110% of normal crowns

Basic Nester 0/0 50 cr
Off Emesen 1/0 100 cr
Def Vendo 0/5 450 cr
Elite Anekonian 2/8 1,150 cr
Thief Razorbeak 0/2 275 cr

High Elf

Elf Attacker

A handsome race but don't they know it! Vanity combined with a talent for social manipulation means that famous High Elves use the influence they gain to reach their goals, regardless of the cost to their enemies. The HE troops use the magic of their ancient ancestors to grant themselves immortality ahead of their planned attacks.
Racial Abilities

All units are immortal in combat
Each point of fame gives 0.001% more damage dealt and land gained on attacks (max 50%)
+100% fame gained on attacks

Military Units
Class Off/Def Cost
Basic Slinger 0/0 60 cr
Off Sage 5/0 350 cr
Def Longbowmen 0/6 600 cr
Elite Priestess 8/8 1,350 cr
Thief Rogue 0/0 300 cr

Mori Hai

Ork Thief

An evolved form of Ork, what they lost of their brute force they gained in cunning, finding new ways to use homes in clever ways. With more citizens at their disposal and a near constant supply of thief plans, the resilient Mori tribe leader is able to quickly order retaliation in various guises.
Racial Abilities

45% homes allowed
Homes give thief plans (1 Home = 2/5th Hideouts)
Exploring costs 120% of normal crowns
-60% thief loses on operations

Military Units
Class Off/Def Cost
Basic Gnome 0/0 75 cr
Off Goblin 4/0 375 cr
Def Engineer 0/5 475 cr
Elite Mountain Ogre 5/5 1050 cr
Thief Assassin 2/1 225cr


Winged Attacker

Silent but oh so violent. Highly intelligent birds lurking in the shadows, their blackened wings give the advantage of extreme speed. This is no birdwatching outing and the flock is hard to see until it's too late.
Racial Abilities

1 month attack time, general requires 1 month extra to recover on Standard, Raid, Pillage and Commandeer
1 month retreat time, but general need 1 month extra to recover
Deal 25% reduced damage on attacks
Clear a Permimeter: -50% gains
Double losses for Blackclaws
Homes hold 350 citizens

Military Units
Class Off/Def Cost
Basic Nester 0/0 25 cr
Off Blackclaw 3/0 150cr
Def Razorwing 0/6 625 cr (from 0/7 650cr)
Elite Blackwing 5/5 1100 cr (1050cr)
Thief Screecher 0/0 275 cr


Human Mage

Human scholars who became consumed with religious zeal and regard magic as the answer to their prayers. Hard to kill and twice as nuts, other races, particularly mages are wise to tread carefully around the order of the Templars.
Racial Abilities

45% homes allowed
1 PPA gives +10% Mage Level
Priest offence bonus: +50%
Temples produce one additonal priest per month
Can have 20 PPA

Military Units
Class Off/Def Cost
Basic Monk 0/0 50 cr
Off Knight 4/0 500 cr
Def Archpriest 0/5 550 cr
Elite Paladin 5/4 950 cr
Thief Cleric 0/0 375 cr


Cursed Attacker

The Undead were once living, breathing creatures, and are indeed a fearsome sight. It is very difficult to kill one, as they do not breathe, nor do they have any organs to pierce. Their vampires prey on enemy flesh, which causes their ranks to swell inexorably.
Racial Abilities

Resurrect skeletons from non-skeleton enemy units killed in combat
Priest offence and defence bonus: +100%
Priest Farm, Mine and Yard production bonus: +100%
Land gained from attacks increased by 2% per PPA
Vampires are immortal

Military Units
Class Off/Def Cost
Basic Chupacabra 0/0 50 cr
Off Skeleton 4/1 275 cr
Def Mummy 0/6 530 cr
Elite Vampire 7/9 1,300 cr
Thief Imp 0/0 400 cr

Uruk Hai

Ork Attacker

An advanced race of Orc that is tough as old boots, a true warrior. Their one aim in life is to loot, kill and destroy and they excel at murdering enemy forces. These are the monsters under your bed.
Racial Abilities

Kill +50% military units in combat
Gain 5% offense bonus per successful attack
Target must be greater than 75% of your size to gain a stack
Stack up to 15% offense (3 stacks)
Lose all stacks if your general remains home for 1 month
Lose 1 stack on retreats
Immune to Intercept
-75% losses for Half-Giants when attacking and defending

Military Units
Class Off/Def Cost
Basic Pit Spawn 1/0 75 cr
Off Hill Troll 6/0 400 cr
Def Ogre Shaman 0/7 650 cr
Elite Half-Giant 11/3 1,250cr
Thief Blackguard 2/0 275 cr


Human Attacker

Unfortunately, it is very expensive to train a Viking. They are very dense, and tend to be overtly arrogant. Though once trained, a Viking is a very strong and versatile unit.
Racial Abilities

Hit 'n' Run, Raze & Blasphemy Crusade require no general rest time
Bloodthirst - Every month military losses inflicted increases by 10%. Max +100% after 10 months. Only regens if the army is at home
Pillage only requires 50% offence to break a larger tribe (but less than 100% deals less damage)
Weaponries hold an additional 75 citizens
Each 1% weaponries counts as 1TPA when defending against operations

Military Units
Class Off/Def Cost
Basic Soldier 2/1 150 cr
Off Swordman 5/1 300 cr
Def Archer 1/7 625 cr
Elite Berserker 9/4 1,100 cr
Thief Looter 0/0 350 cr
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