Final Rankings - Age 161

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Mads -

Yeah that would be nice. We’re getting kinda stagnant here and literally only have 3 decent sized Allis to war and hit on with each other. I think that’s why things are getting taken so personal but that’s my opinion.

Buffy -

We should agree on themed ages as a community to spice things up.

Scotty -

I agree Mads always the same 3/4 alliances fighting for top spots. And while it's fun to verbally banter with some others take it way to serious.

Mads -

I take certain things personally like being called a shit player. I know im not the best or anything but eh it’s whatever. I cause my scenes and damage when I can.

Yeah more themes would be fun buffy, always like a good alli theme. 125 and 40 need to switch it up lol the beers and slacking needs to get to pimpin and limpin.

DaBoss -

I was undead. Got bored and wanted to hit the Oleg but he had too much. Thought I could get away with the hit at that time. Oh well. i did get my first attack size record which is nice.

Scotty -

And gave biggest death record away as well.. ummphh

Sanzo -

Age changes are a good idea, and probably the only way I will be able to beat full & Scotty

Ful -

bloodball - yesterday

sure, look at your fucking tribename you fucking waste of space

Nice too see u back in 15 afther u delet [up]

BabaYaga -

It’s a bit early but we can already give the worst player of the age award to….Full.
So you can stop playing. [:p]

Noodle -

he was quoting someone who posted that lol

Ful -

Baba drol

Amir -

this is the only warning i will give! any other personal attacks of any form and i will start handing out pauses!
you both know better!
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