Final Rankings - Age 164

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Top 10 Alliances
  • 1. Slackerville!!!! #125
  • 2. CB #40
  • 3. BBQ Time!! #22
  • 4. The Old Crew #20
  • 5. KDB #19
  • 6. Orkfian Gods #18
  • 7. Antarctica #11
  • 8. Flying Away #26
  • 9. Disturbing Sounds #21
  • 10. Active? #14

Top 25 Tribes
  • 1. The Lost One #125
  • 2. The b plug #22
  • 3. Hairy Poppins #20
  • 4. Dark Beer #40
  • 5. Not that drunk! #40
  • 6. Chilly Willy #11
  • 7. Beer is not Fat, it's veggies #40
  • 8. [OG] Thanatus #18
  • 9. Invisible #125
  • 10. Thornybush #19
  • 11. I Prefer Red Wine #40
  • 12. Last Stand #26
  • 13. Gorlab #22
  • 14. [KDB] Elmander #19
  • 15. Full #22
  • 15. [OG] Gruumsh #18
  • 17. [KDB] Marvino #19
  • 18. Sanzo the Stinky #20
  • 19. Mad tribe #125
  • 20. Not Gandalf #20
  • 21. Just here #125
  • 22. Brutus Wanderfoot #20
  • 23. Foo-fighters #22
  • 24. Pfew #24
  • 25. Mirfors #13

You can find the complete list of alliances here and tribes here

Ful -

Good age all nice kills too [evilgrin][up]

BabaYaga -

Yup well done everyone. Congrats 125

Mads -

Really 10 years for Mirfors? That’s excessive being he was clearly pointing all the stuff that was wrong with the game. Whatever
Amir go do your job and handle the damn merge request and don’t wait til you have a huge lead again.

Sanzo -

You guys recruited someone? [:|]

Amir -

@Mads Mirfors has repeatedly broken game rules and the spirit of the game with multiple warnings over the past few years! many times we have let his actions slide as they they happened at the end of the age (example is his actions at the end of two ages ago). even while being suspended he has spent the last few days attempting to get around it and even done more actions that are considered cheating. hence why it went from 1 year suspension to a ban since he doesn't seem to have learned that he cant just abuse the game mechanics to get around game rules and the spirit of fair play.

i am sorry that i cannot share more details with you on exact actions but i have shared my concerns and even posted for other staff opinions and the only opinion i got back was about how soft i was to have not banned him long time ago considering the amount of logs that we have on him.
personally i am against banning someone but frankly i don't have the energy or time to keep policing him, and every age of the time i spend doing staff work over 80% of that time is dealing with one thing or other related to Mirfors.

as for mergers, i am sorry that it takes a while, but its very hard to use staff tools from phone so even when i do see the requests and they are valid and fully completed, it has to wait until i get home and onto my computer before i am able to manually push them through.
if i could make changes i would, but one of the two things i am not in this game is a coder! i have attempted to step up as much as i can to help keep this game running, but i cannot do things that i don't have power over!

KDB Marvino -

Why am I suspended? Did nothing wrong. Hé defected into our alliance? Hé cant even play.

Really Nice…

BabaYaga -

Was Marvino reported , if not, can you as an LnO member just “randomly” check on a tribe, whoever is in your way getting to the top?

BabaYaga -

This should be done only when there are suspicious actions done by a tribe or when reported. Or else only if you have checked all tribes in the game.

Jolten -

Topic closed. If you want to dispute it do it the proper way.
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