Final Rankings - Age 169

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Top 10 Alliances
  • 1. Meat strikes back #13
  • 2. K-Driveboys #19
  • 3. CB #40
  • 4. Texas foldem #22
  • 5. Slackerville!!!! #125
  • 6. Antarctica #11
  • 7. ZzZzZzZz #15
  • 8. overboard #28
  • 9. Sanctuary #18
  • 10. Active? #14

Top 25 Tribes
  • 1. Sausage #13
  • 2. Ghost Pepper Marinade #13
  • 3. T-bone steak #13
  • 4. Marble Steak #13
  • 5. [KDB] MisterSlackAlot #19
  • 6. [KDB] Elmander #19
  • 7. Chilly Willy #11
  • 8. Beer with Me #40
  • 9. Slackmeister #40
  • 10. Cheers and beers #40
  • 11. American Ninja 7 #22
  • 12. Ragnarok #15
  • 13. Porky Pig #22
  • 14. Look for bad meat #22
  • 15. Dirty chickens #22
  • 16. [KDB] The Shadow of the East #19
  • 17. [KDB] 2 Options #19
  • 18. bye bye orkfia... #22
  • 19. Literally lost in a book #125
  • 20. Razzle Dazzle #125
  • 21. Freespins #28
  • 22. Mukawaka #26
  • 23. Naptime #125
  • 24. sous vide t-bone #13
  • 25. Dark Spirit #40

You can find the complete list of alliances here and tribes here

Scotty -

Bye felicia

BabaYaga -

We all know you will return. With a different name Bulby. [:)]

Ful -

Nice win 13/19 good teamwork

Ard -

Teamwork? No such thing. There was no war, true, but the only cooperation I am aware of was my tribesmen helping them use their mines faster or burn down some heretic temples... Pillage and BC, in words you'll understand. ;)
(Some hidden by science, which is somewhat annoying)

Ulfworth -

13 and 19 coop?
13 made 19 owl reset with many many attacks.. bcd, grabbed all the others.

22 however showed what they are again - trying to pile on a tribe early, failing and then blaming, lieing, insulting, cursing entire rest of the age.
22 rept failed attack when they failed 8 ES on 13 uruk. 3 tries were even AFTER the failed attack. 0 successful ones. Howver they did not even notice their fail and started spamflame agan in messages of some friend spelling smth.. look in mirror - more pew pew and less QQ.

Good luck to all others.. even the cheeky suicide at the end of the age from 40 :D

Noodle -

Good age guys and gals.
Hope to see you all next age

Ard -

Thanks for the age, everyone. And sorry for the special treatment week 1, Noodle, even if it was a bit give and receive. [:D]

Scumbag -

13 and 19 coop?
13 made 19 owl reset with many many attacks.. bcd, grabbed all the others.

You are wrong @Ulfworth, they didn't make me to reset my tribe. Yes, they did many attacks on my tribe, but that was not the real reason to reset. (Sh*t happens with low player base).

It was my own decision to reset. I played owl for couple of ages and now with only 4 days left this age I wanted to try/test something else. That's the reason I reset. So i switched to wizard to try this race. Never been wizard before.

added: Coop with #13. NEVER!

Ard -

Glad to hear our attacks was not the main reason, I had some bad conscience upon seeing the reset. Was not the goal.

Hope you found out if it is something you want to try more of. :)

Mads -

Blah blah blah

Scotty -

funny how 19 sneaked two top tribes while you idly wathed them and hit smaller guys non stop... of course its coop

Ard -

The sooner you realize that running 4 attackers to put up pressure early did not work out this age, the sooner you'll stop looking for bad excuses and improve.
You played well and could do better. So could we.

Somehow, you expect to be able to go very aggressive the start of every age against multiple alliances and then get surprised and cry foul when someone returns the aggression. And if one alliance gets impatient for you guys to get done with a war that seems to give you nothing - that's cooperation. I don't get it.

I can't help the fact that #19 laid low and defensive most of the age - it's not like we left them alone. While you guys basically kept screaming for more attention with your names, alliance description and mails with accusations of cooperation/cheating, etc...

Noodle -

It was my idea to run 4 attackers,
It would have worked better but Nazguls are not good that early now.
Some couldn't keep up with activity while a few others could.
13 just played our game but better.
Accusations are always thrown around no matter what. Yes certain things seem odd, but im sure everyone had questionable things arise, like i hit into 19# war several times, yes I even liked to cast ES on random tribes, but whatever.I did it to start a war of our own, but only to get easy rps pts.
But with minimal activity from admins who can check into things,questionable things will always arise, and if i remember correctly no one is on LNO anymore, so it's bound to happen.
Hence why I stated to bring Sanzo back to increase activity in the Development stages, or even in lno.
Some people like me others don't.
I just want to see some improvements to this game we all love, because I'm afraid it's almost run ots course.

I hope everyone will come back next age.

Noodle -

Best if luck all next age

Mads -

My fingers hurt
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