Age 171 Changes

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ScorpiAS -


15% homes allowed
HnR has no additional general rest time.
1 mana instantly replenished per 20 raw defence killed in combat when attacking
Academies count as weapons up to 30%.
Cannot build weapons.
Starting Money: -25%

Class Off/Def Cost
Basic Damned Soul 0/0 50 cr (Previously 0/0 at 75 cr)
Off Dread Beast 13/0 1000 cr (Previously 13/0 at 950 cr)
Def Occultist 0/13 1200 cr (Previously 0/13 at 950 cr)
Elite Demon 16/9 1700 cr (Previously 16/9 at 1350 cr)


Off specs 9/2 400 -> 8/2 355

High Elf

Off specs on longer immortal under any circumstances. (this includes attack, defense and spells/ops)
Offspec 5/0 400 -> 5/1 400


Hideouts will provide half the population:
20 Citizens (previously 40)
10 Citizens for Balrog and Dragon (previously 20)
50 Citizens for Brittonian (previously 100)
90 Citizens for Dwarf
15 Citizens for Eagle (previously 25)



Offspec 3/0 150 -> 3/1 200

Note: double losses to off specs applies on attack and defense.

Mads -

Don’t see why the high elf immortal change. That’s what orcish fervor was for I thought?

Am I understanding balrog economic buildings now produce normal production?

Noodle -

Racial Abilities15% homes allowedNon-homes hold 50% of normal citizens and military1 mana instantly replenished per 20 raw defence killed in combat when attackingAcademies count as 3/4 a weaponry. Cannot build weaponries.Farms, Mines and Yards produce 50% of normalStarting Money: -25%

These were the old specs , so I want to think yes

Ard -

The balrog changes are intended to be as Scorpias suggested under age 169 change discussion, for reference. Ie, price of units increased and lowered production removed.

Further refinement of the changes above will be evaluated and considered during and after age 170 (for age 171->).

HE was proposed slightly different, but timerestraints have left a slightly simpler version of it. I suspect HE will be strong still, but now also got a weakness others might use to counter low-defence-high-offence based tactics.

ScorpiAS -

Sorry for the confusion, I have posted half the Balrog traits.
They are ment to keep the 15% homes but they indeed no longer have 50% reduction on citz hold in other buildings.
They production buildings will also now produce normal amount of stuff.

After reconsidering its too harsh to have all units mortal on def while keeping the same price for elites. Because its too late to give it proper thoughts for balancing we will instead make off specs mortal (to both attack and magic/ops)

Sanzo -

Balrog income problem seems to be alleviated. They are still extremely slow, and close to unkillable now with non-homes holding normal amount.

Ravens will go all off spec. Terrible change. Better to reduce elite cost

ScorpiAS -

Ravens will go all off spec. Terrible change. Better to reduce elite cost

Their off specs die twice as much on def now.
Anyway I still agree with you that it might still be too crazy of a start so I will bump their price to 200

Sanzo -

This Raven change is a huge blunder

Ard -

Will test it, but at the moment, I agree it will have a way bigger impact than anticipated. [:$]

I'll likely have some walls to prepare for trouble.

KDB Marvino -

Let me test it ;)

But it will hurt and cost more. I always play raven and the advantage at the beginning is gone. Way more losses now.

*Adding defense can work out.

Ard -

Looking over the numbers, raven change will be reverted back to last ages stats and fuction. Sorry about the blunder and confusion.

The change would have easily permit ravens 48k raw off and 21,5k raw def at leaving protection, or simular permutations. It would simply be way too dominating the first 12 hours, possibly longer. We will do better next age and also look for ways that future changes can be abused (in order to prevent it).

Ard -

Heads up: Raven have now had their offspecs reverted back to 3/0 at 150cr, like last age.
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