Temporary Rule Change

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Sanzo -

Dear Players,

Please be aware that the following tactics are no longer allowed and will be considered abuse:
1- The intentional killing of one’s tribe
2- Being intentionally killed at a specific time

This may involve situations such as, but not limited to:
- Training basics or exploring until your citizens are very low (ex. 200), making you easily killable.
- Casting of spells and/or operations into or out of war, triggering war interference fireballs, resulting in the killing of one’s tribe
- Using internal or external communications to set up a specific time for your tribe to get killed by a 3rd party.

If you are unhappy with your race choice, you may reset at any time without fear of punishment.
At this point in time, Staff are still going to allow the practice of kill stealing. While distasteful, we recognize that this may occur organically without nefarious scheming.

Additionally, our Development team will look into ways of preventing this altogether without Law & Order’s need to oversee and regulate. We will also take a look at tweaking heritage (aka death bonus).

Please note that Law & Order does not want to punish anybody, but will if it is necessary.

Thank you for your understanding,

~ Orkfia Staff

Ard -

I'm curious about the cause of a rulechange at the start of week 2 of an age. What is the cause of this? And will CoC be updated to reflect this rulechange?

Sanzo -

Ard -
We have had many problems with these scenarios in the past. Almost always overlapping other rule breaks. Code of Conduct will be updated.
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