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Martel -

To further promote community and gameplay "Alliance Merging" is being introduced. This new feature encourages the formation of full alliances while eliminating any penalty of changing established positions of research & resource achievements.

All research, including purchased science, and market stores will be combined in the newly formed alliance. Now it's easier than ever to position your team as a top rank contender! Alliance elders will find the "request alliance merge" link under Elder Options on the options page.

~ Age 16 Game changes ~

New Features:
- New option for elders to request a merge between two alliances
- Removed ML requirements from all spells
- New formula for mana cost of advanced spells
(The current formula is kept for self spells, inner sight, poison, cyclops, anthrax, Magical Void fireball, Unresearch, Fountain of Resurrection and the new formula will apply for the rest of the spells.)

Bugs fixed:
- Guide for Poison Water now show "0.8% citizens" instead of 9%.
- Showing leader name instead of tribe name and alliance # when defecting to the graveyard

Other changes:
- Removed spells: DragonApprentice, Juranimosity, Unresearch, Engineered Virus, Stunted Growth

Age 16 will start in 1396 OE and last roughly the normal life span of a ruler (83 orkfian years).

Martel and staff

Martel -

More information on the Mystics changes:

Standard cost (current spells cost) should be around 3,5k acres. At 6k acres should give ~25% extra firepower. At 1,75k acres should give 50% lower firepower.

Also notice that your mage level still depends on size in acres. (2,5k acres = max mage level of 25.)


Dev - Joe -

Spell costs are fixed below 3500 acres. At 3500 acres a DM will cost the same as at 400 (or less) acres. When growing bigger the costs of offensive spells increase, though your firepower enhances a bit (costs increase a bit slower than your size).

Bad Karma -

This is gona change a lot! I appreciate the work u put in to this!

When will the ork-toolbar be updated?

Martel -

All changes are uploaded, enjoy next age!

Silver Devine -

[Mystics Page]
Your mage greets you:
.. Build more academies as you grow and we will be able to channel more and stronger spells.

That suggests that you have a ML and ML specific spells?

dragonscorpion -

Is there a change to templars now that the "20% lower land requirements for spells" isn't the same as before?

SanZo -

That's not true ...

Templars can get ML 25 at 2000 acres while other races need to wait until 2500.

Also Templars don't need to build academies.

Why are academies still important you ask? Well, you won't succeed much with a ml 5 mage ;)

dragonscorpion -

That would be "20% lower acre requirements for mage level" since it has nothing to do with spell access, a functionality of the earlier templar ability that is removed now with full spell access. At the very least the description needs to be changed... race balance might also need to be considered.

Bad Karma -

Well thanks martel. But do we need to re-download the ork-toolbar, or is the one i already have automaticly updated?

Acwder -

Any concerns about the Toolbar can be directed straight to me, Im found in #66 or preferbly contacted via the Portal Forum or IRC, the toolbar will be updated depending on if the aatw staff shares the formulaes or not with me and Max.


Blue Impy -

I'm really happy to have this implemented. It's something I've argued we should do for what seems like a very long time now. Thank you for listening dev ;D
Also - As for what I've read and AFAIK I think this has been implemented in a very good way.

Joe -

It'll give you magelvl 30, if you have 2950 or more land :)
If you are 1000 acres it'll still give magelvl 10 though so then it makes no sense.

Silver Devine -

It just means your mage is stronger.. much the same as ML.. it depends on your acreage - 1000 land max 10 accadimies per acre.

Higher APA versus low APA will result in larger damage delt by the larger APA mage. Vise versa for the low APA mage.

Hopefully that is correct :)

Joe -

Nope, acads per acre is the same as magelvl, for all races except for Dark Elf and Templar, and for all people that run more acads than they need.
In your example the 20 apa guy will have ML 20, unless he is smaller than 949 acres, then he'll have ML 9. But his power will be ML 9 then, so the rest of the acads is useless.

It's only magelvl that determines the succesrates. Acads/acre are just given to give you insight in your buildings and whether you have too much acads (or clerics!) or not.

Silver Devine -

But ML has been removed? How can success rate be calculated by an unknown value (ML has technically been removed)?

Tiia -

ML has not been removed - just the minimum requirement to access all spells.

Silver Devine -

Ohhhhhhh. Okies XD

Martel -

The age will end 4 years earlier than announced because of the server downtimes, to compensate for the time lost during these. Tribes who reset before age start should live through the whole age now.

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