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Martel -

~ Game Changes Age 17 ~

The main feature of this is the new research system (2.0) which is explained in detail in the Players' Guide.

Because the Orkfia Classic relaunch was such a success I've decided that we should also have a mini-relaunch for Alliances At War - with a new domain name ( and some layout+design changes, I hope you will enjoy these. There will be lots more changes to follow in the coming ages, in order to put more war into Alliances At War.

Now to the changes, enjoy.

Martel and The Staff Team


New Features
- Research 2.0 - posted everything in the guide (3 new branches - Combat, Warding and Economics + A completely new formula to make investing research a simple and easy to coordinate alliance strategy!)

Fixed Bugs
- Pause mode issues (being able to perform ops+spells, being able to reset/die and stay in protection)
- Defence and War research rounded wrong, causing some attacks to fail
- Tribe news with updates + "money starvation" after death due to age
- Show academies/acre on mystic page with 2 decimals + rounding
- Co-elder options are missing altogether
- Mage level not showing in tribe page (most important for Dark Elves)
- Grammar on military training page (Longbowmen*)

Other Changes

- Napanometry removed
- New thief operation that will destroy a portion of a tribe's rps
- Unresearch is added back
- Layout changes (got a lot of these, hopefully everything just got a little bit easier...)
- Fountain of Resurrection renamed to "Fountain of Resu"
- Complete makeover for Rankings (Historic / Personal / Alliance War, all sortable)
- Minor makeover to the Alliance page (Sortable table, total numbers at the bottom)
- Alliance page will now display Kill ranking instead of War rankings. Kills are a more dynamic number that fits better alongside fame, land and strength.


Please note there *might* be more changes posted.

Next age will last 6 weeks, you'll soon see the time starting to count down.

Apollo -

Awesome new layout XD
Love the top banner. Alliances at War is sexy.
Loving the new sortable alliance page!

Just.. Deam's Hunt is: Deam's hunt
Also, say for instance: the Alliance Page.
Is it centred? Or is it meant to be left-floated?
This also happens in Forums and stuff.. the links are floated to the left.

Loving the new changes XD

Amir -

Awesome new layout!
but one thing that i was wondering about!
in the Interface Settings the width of the screen is only 750! so i was wondering if the bigger one was gonna be put back soon? i think it was like 1150 or something like that.

Joe -

Looks pretty nice. Nice work Martel!

Sweets -

You can change between left-aligned and centered under options > interface settings

SeaQueue -

Nice ^_^

Atan Asfaloth -

Nice layout!

I think what Apollo means is that the page headers and links are aligned top left (within the 'main orkfia area') whereas the rest of the page is centered. This is slightly different from what we're used to ;) It's mainly the text box on the alliance page that I was looking for at first ;) If this is not intentional, it might be worth knowing I use Chrome...

Also, co-elders no longer have access to elder options... :(

Sweets -

My mistake - the 'sub-menus' were intended to left align. It's going to take a couple logins to adjust, but i find it pleasing to the eye.

Cbeast -

When viewing tribes in other alliances there are no commas to hold places in the bigger numbers. So 1,000,000 becomes 1000000 which makes it a bit harder to read.

Player 2 -

I like what I see, although I see what Darkhound is trying to say.

Bad Karma -

"- New thief operation that will destroy a portion of a tribe's rps"

Cant find that one. What are the acres requirement?

chaoss -

i just used napometry before i read this post

its not removed yet


I small suggestion: When you go to thievery-page it would make things easier if you could see your current amount of acres some were (at that page). It makes it easier if you are throwing TT. And it would be nice to see the size of the target to (if you have one), so you can see easier how many thieves to send.

SeaQueue -

+1 to fixing the orkfia mail system. =)

HaRRy -

I dislike the top menu links. suggestion #1: make the a(link) background transparant white when hovering.
I think I'd like that on the other links(the boxed ones on pages) as well.
#2. The box showing money food wood en citz at the top doesn't seem to fit in that well(imo). I have no suggestion currently that I'd like for sure but maybe something with a shadow border helps already.

#3. I guess it's different when the wider layout is back but I think there is too much text covering the header image.

#4. I think I want the centered links back.


when you look at rankings every alliance/tribe has a number at the left, based on acres. But when you sort them after fame or strength or something that number will still be after acres. So its hard to see what position you have in, for example, the fame ranking.

Dont know if its suppose to be this way. But it makes it harder to read out.

Atan Asfaloth -

I don't specifically like or dislike the top left links, what I do not like, however, is the textbox on the alliance page moved to the top left.
Definitely center that one again. It will look rather 'lonely' though for alliances with a big (500x200) banner due to the removal of the center title, so maybe move it south of the banner? Or even south of the tribe list?

Joe -

What I found very smart is the RPA behind the rp's you might be able to invest. I didn't think of that myself and it's a very useful tool to prevent us from calcing ourselves :)

Atan Asfaloth -

Martel, you're brilliant, thank you very much! :)
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