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rEdL|nE -

Cunts. I can't find another word. This game used to be entertaining: someone pisses you off, you try to kill him. It does not work you slaughter him and all his alliance next age. Nowadays there are only newbs complaining all the time and dodging war and also praising inactivity, lack of vision and strategy.

This is also annoying when it comes from oldies that know how it used to be.

WTF is going on?

Darkwing -


Bulby -

we need to reinstitute hostility to have wars happen... the few people that play get mad with instant declare and death... shouldnt be so easy to kill a fully turtled attacker... plus it seems some alliances think only they have plans and desires and not warring them 24/7 constitutes war dodging... plus with such a low base and many of the old timers working its impossible to play effectively with these reset rounds...

bill -

Killing a fully turtled attacker that is overpopped is very hard. Like it takes 12 tribes all opping in fully offensive (no ch/gh/etc) war mode hard.

I do agree that warring the same peeps every other day gets boring though [;)]

Bulby -

one of our ravens killed in one tick with 25% gh and ch... shouldnt be able to be killed by 8 tribes below 2k ...the op needs(mana,plans) should be determined by target size not the sender...

bill -

It was a full alliance opping... you're just being burt hurt. No one should be unkillable. 12 tribes online never ever happens anymore so if 12 couldn't what would be the fucking point.

ScorpiAS -

if you had any idea how to actually build your land your attacker would have lived.

The problem is that you watch what is successful and you try to copy it unsuccessfully then complain that the game is not working.
Next time try instead of getting 10% more homes to get 10% bastions and see if that does not help.

I too am tired of people that believe they are the best and should win every age. There are a few points you are missing out:
1. There are 10 alliances. 1 will win 9 will lose. Chances are you are in the losing ally.
2. If you have died because you did not build your land properly that is not the fault of an alliance that managed to get 12 tribes online to land that kill. Neither is the games fault.
3. This is supposed to be a game where killing should happen. ALL THE FREAKING TIME. I died this age, quite early. I died not because the alliance that got me played it well or that I did not know how to survive. I died because I was in a freaking mountain with limited reception and I could login 2 times during our war. I did not complain that there was no “easy mode”, no “mountain mode”, no “night mode” or what ever mode would have suited me. This is a freaking game. You respawn and you kill the one that killed you. This is exactly why small tribes should stay dangerous - you need that. You need every tribe to feel like its contributing regardless of its size.

Yes I do agree that killing a large attacker, or a large tribe should be hard. Believe it or not its hard. We only got you that easy because we got away with suicidal builds and you had no idea how to defend yourself.

rEdL|nE -

We had only one tribe under 2k

You guys did not run any science the whole age.

He ran walls although we did not have any attackers.

We go full suicide mode, yet he runs farms and yards. How is that turtle?

He had 40 percent population. Maybe instead of training off specs he could've gotten some labs for protection.

It's all nice with raids and pillages on us. You guys declare war to us after you've dodged wars at the beginning of the age to war a 3 tribe alliance exactly when we converted. Now again you find 34 and 30 very dangerous. I can understand tactics, but stop the PR

Simo -

great work with the raven. you did a very difficult kill!

Sanzo -

Cunts. I can't find another word.

It is a strategy. Psychological warfare.
No seriously, I really believe it is.
PMing you to death + saying you will quit if you kill them = you leave them alone. Then they kill you or something [:s]

Cecil -

just wanna say its pretty sad that it took 3 full tics to kill me when i had zero defensive buildings or tt running

Scarlet -

You realize that threads like this are why people STOP playing. The player base is small, and you whine. Yet then you bash the players that are still here.

Don't like the war system? Make a suggestion, do something constructive. For now it's a game mechanic, and think of it as such.

Want to bash someone? Do it in style and write a war report in game talk that's totally empty.

Simo -

Cecil, we took 3 tick to kill you because we are in 4 and did 2 kill in 2 tick.... it was not so bad I think

Kovenant -

instead of whining can we go wine-ing and winning? :P[heart]

michelob -

Prefer a beer here

Kelvin -

I would like to see a couple of changes.
Get rid of declaring wars and bring back Hostility and OOW oping like in Infinity. Make wars actually give something besides the opportunity to kill (which is pretty useless today anyway as it is).

Get rid of starting bonus. If you're killed (or start fresh) you always start at the same acreage as at age start. This gives an actual reward for killing someone, instead of getting someone who doesn't care anyway just going suicide mode. There should be some pride in surviving.

As more tribes are at small size, more action will happen “down there”.
As hostility is needed to declare war, more action should happen instead of just explore all the time as people need to be in war mode more.

Bulby -

yeah a double shot of scotch is even better... the point is not that he shouldnt be should take more than one tick on a full turtle... the guy had over 4 civies to every military unit...used to be so hard to kill unlees a guy was less than 2/1... who cares about winning... its about attackers having no chance to a gang of thieves/mages if a big guys cant pull down little suiciders due to to size restrictions there should be a reverse protection on bigger guys...

bill -

Coming from the group of Ravens that can raid kill... It goes both ways and well. Why you're suggesting is killing him by running his resources dry since a failed kill would have him rebuilding and us recharging for 4 plus ticks...

rEdL|nE -

this game needs activity and alliances that don't slack. There were always complaints, yet we've won in every fucking possible system.

fear -

why do ppl complain so much? I get killed every age, sometimes multiple times per age by the same alli and always congratulate them on the kill.

rEdL|nE -

yeah fear, I also don't get it. I also got killed every age (besides this one) since I came back and it's fun. This game is played not for growing, but for killing. When the game is kill oriented of fucking course there will be casualties :)

Bulby -

we have won and lost in every possible way as well is just with low base there isnt much soon as an attacker runs out of grabs...hes done...i guess this would be simpler to explain this way... if your 1000 acres and have a 10 tpa when your thievees go to a guy with 10k acres your tpa is only 1 on his acres...if its an acres based system for wins and losses it needs to be adjusted somehow..

Abandoned -

It seems to me killing is too easy. #13 just killed 6 tribes in less than 2 days, two of the kills were only 1 hour apart, just now they killed 2 tribes 3 hours apart.

problem is, #13 only has 4 tribes, not 12 [:|]

If you ask me there should be a low damage period instead of insta-war, like there was in infinity, and perhaps, guild, weaponry and hideout caps. (30% or so)

This would at least mean you don't lose a third of your alliance's tribes between the time you start preparing your dinner and the time you finish dessert to someone running a suicide strat.

Right now a 50% guild Templar can probably lay waste to a 10% CH attacker tribe all by himself in one tick at full damage. [8)]

If you need to be online 24/7 just to prevent your full turtle tribe from dying something is wrong. Turtled tribes should take a while to kill.

Cecil -

no issue with killing, if ur active and ur opponents are under-defended then by all means

i would however would like to see hostility and oow ops replace current war system so wars are not assassination ops and become actual wars

ScorpiAS -

I agree. oow ops and hostility will be awesome

bill -

So bulby once you get to 10k in a raven pack you dont want to be able to be killed?

#13 is doing massive razes and grabs. It's not even entirely TM that's killing. They're also killing easier targets that aren't full turtle.

I would welcome oow and hostility. I don't mind either system really. Once we switch back some people will wish they had control over when to declare and we will have this discussion again about how they cant ever leave WM cause host builds so fast in a small player base.
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