Lazy Orkfian v2.0.0 Big Update

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Kamecimi -

hahahahahaha [up][up][up]

Sanzo -

Oh please..

This is a good tool. It doesn't automate anything, so it's technically not a script.

Orkfia needs this kind of update anyway if we want more players. The learning curve for this game is just too damn high, sure veteran players are used to the grind of calculating every little thing, but that is very overwhelming and could be a big turnoff for new players.

Nice tool Nepherius [up]

bill -

Any improvement to the UX of this game should be welcomed because its what will get more peeps/ peeps who dont have tons of time to learn and calc.

You still have to know how much barren was made when you get hit, you still have to know what build to re-build to, you still have to know the underlying logic to be solid player.

Thx for posting the source too [:D]

Nepherius -

It still needs a better attack calc, like the one on that orkfia clone page that I keep forgetting. However it would require way more html/css that I wanna know so probably wont happen unless someone else does it [:$]

Jamzi -

I don't understand yet what this tool is doing as I didn't download it (on a work PC currently) but it seems to be a script and if so I am sorry but since this is against CoC, even if you share it with others it is not allowed. In my opinion since this was open and honestly shared/a mistake then there should be no punishment this time but for the next and future ages this would fall under the below item of CoC and be punishable.

Neph - i am sorry as it sounds like you spent ages on it but yeah that's how i see it, maybe we can use your talents in some other legal way instead in the future for some other type of tool that fits within CoC?

5.6. Scripting
Scripting isn't permitted. Orkfia was created for the players, if you find you don't have the time to handle or manage your account for a period, see section 5.2 regarding vacation mode.

Nepherius -

It enhances news, auto-completes building amounts and has some in-built calculators it doesn't do anything without user interactions. But if you feel it's against CoC feel free to close/delete the thread I guess. [heart]

Jamzi -

sorry, i am still trying to understand, Max has given me some new info that means I probably change my mind again i think but will elaborate more later!

Nepherius -

Maybe you should try it... [8)]

Kappa -

Hey Nepherius, what are your thoughts about adding the number of ops required to your kill calculator? (Assuming Jamzi gives the ok to the addon ofc)

Nepherius -

Shouldn't be hard at all, I'll take a look when I have time.

Scarlet -

Is this addon sending notifications via text/email when something occurs in news?

Pollito -

Nepherius, yesterday . Edit - Quick Edit

It enhances news, auto-completes building amounts and has some in-built calculators it doesn't do anything without user interactions. But if you feel it's against CoC feel free to close/delete the thread I guess.

Closing the thread won't solve anything [8)], those who have it, lucked out and those who don't well tough luck partna[:p]

Nepherius -

Scarlet, it simply plays a sound and displays a notification on Orkfia tab with any negative alliance news that occurred in the last 10 seconds.

Jamzi -

OK we have been investigating this Lazy Orkfian tool quite a lot the last few days, I did download it myself.

For now, this is allowed because it doesn't actually do any action for you, only acts as calculator or a reminder which you could also set up in alarms or some other way, still nothing happens if the user doesn't actually go to their computer and press the OK so it can be seen more as an add-on/tool rather than a script.

We had a discussion in staff about the purpose of the “anti-script” part of CoC and we decided we will amend that wording since the thing we are trying to prevent with that is to stop people automating actions so that a computer is playing the game instead of a human, calculator add-ons have been allowed through the history of the game and this is the same thing but with a few extra functions.

I personally (from a staff and player point of view) do not like the “online always” function of this and in the future that part may have to be reviewed as it places extra demand on the server but for now since we changed the way users show online and we don't have too many players, in practical terms it's fine.

I was also worried if this was keeping an eye on other people's alliance news but since Nepherius does not have access to the DB then he cannot do that.

The thing that swung it for me is the valid point that people could do this anyway but Nepherius was good enough to share it/be upfront and that this could help new players learn how things work a bit as it offers an aid with advice popups about suggested tpa/dpa so that is helpful.

So in summary for now this is allowed, in the future we may try and put some of these functions Nepherius invented into the game instead or we may have to ask for a reduction in capability of the tool but we are not near there yet. We will also change CoC wording to be more precise. Lastly, thanks Nepherius for a) spending so much time making something to try and help everyone and b) being patient/non-aggressive whilst we ummed and ahhhed over it :)

Nepherius -

Updated to work with the new layout, source code available on github, see first post.

Anyone except me actually uses this thing ?[:s]

dagyrox -

I'll check it out. Been kinda lazy in downloading it......😏

thedritpwnskkkk -

lazy orkfians are too lazy to download lazy orkfian

Bulby -

no scripts needed... play for fun...death is ok and sometimes later in game desirable...

Casper -

Everybody keeps saying let's make things easier for the new ppl, but where the fuck are all these new ppl [:s]... I have been reading the thread and the “perks” of this downloading tool. I think it's totally against CoC! I mean i can have live alerts within 10 seconds of having tribe news [:|] so much for surprises or KT's if every is getting notified. This game is getting worse imo and all these new fixes/changes are doing nothing but pissing off the only players you guys have “ Vets”.

So disappointed and feel helpless. I personally have got a few friends to join this game recently after being away for years and they hate this game now versus what it was. I am mentally exhausted fron trying to keep players here some friends some enemies. I am about done [cry]

dagyrox -

Now now casper. I got you now. We'll be ok. [:D][heart]

Someguy -

Ya anything that prevents a KT is BS it should not be allowed in the game if you want a tool yo build your land military and whatever else thats also unfair why log in at all?

How is this useful to new players people who play this game like it for the same reason we began playing if this is a real thing that gets developed im out no one will die the name of the game will change to alliances at growth because you get notified and auto build?

No thanks this is a hinderance to new players

What needs to be done for new players and to keep some is to use social media create an app cause people look at newly invented apps and the guide needs a 100% rework

Have any of you tried to read the guide recently? There are no headers its all metaphors and walls of blank text here is an example

Header - Commandeer

Commander is an attack that will blah blah blah

Hey look i found the attack i was looking for because it had a header and it started off with what it does not the extra crap and all you need is 1 example of what it is

Anyways i could go on and on
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