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Jamzi -

By using “show orkfia chat” button and selecting “Trivia” you can now play a side-game quiz live with other players or by yourself in-between updates, without downloading anything.

Rankings are taken midweek and Saturdays and it's just for fun. Type !start or !stop to control the trivia robot and watch out for other people lurking and sniping your answers :)

Names with spaces or hyphen do not register points (eg. I had to change my name from Moderator_Jamzi to just Jamzi in order to play)

Kaos questions do not work through chatlinker so just type !stop [enter] then !start to restart with a new q when you get those ones.

When you play through Mirc or a similar IRC client (instructions here if interested you will also get access to extra commands.

Jamzi -

Weekly Trivia Update from your never-ending host Botter!

Saturday 13th August

Apparently there is some sports-day type thing on the TV at the moment, they are saying it’s a big deal but pah! They don’t know what real global competition looks like until they look at Orkfia Trivia! That Dutch girl who fell off her bike?? It’s just so she could log on, she knows the hospital has free wifi!!

Over the last week our Trivia athletes have been stretching their fingers and rubbing their … (editor – CUT!) to limber up for the greatest quiz competition on the planet. Here is the global medals table!

In at number 10 (someone has to be!) we have dagyrox with 2007 points, better luck next time! Only slightly better is Scarlet who limps into ninth place with 2554 points.

Then at eight (allegedly he went around the track in the wrong direction) we have Cecil with 3086 points. At least it looks like Gilly was trying, his/her 6041 points bring seventh place.

Fisk with 7345 Points, takes sixth place, almost respectable really but also the equivalent of jumping under the high bar instead of over it..

In at 5th we see Hardar with 9136. Not quite medal territory but maybe deserving of a red ribbon!

Just missing a podium finish here is talented newcomer 4 Kamecimi with 15572 Points, could this be a champion Trivlete of the future?

Bronze medal, a bunch of flowers and a handshake with a strange man from the committee, goes to max with 17473 Points.

Here with a silver medal, another bunch of flowers and a brain-boosting handful of brazil nuts is Sanzo with 23089 Points

And with a full samba dance troupe screaming his name, a beautiful bouquet and a kiss with a Brazilian, the gold medal is hereby awarded to Scumbag. He was determined to win and win he did with an Olympic effort of 129613 Points! Congratulations!

Top10 Weekly Trivia Players

Rank:  1 Scumbag with 129613 Points
Rank:  2 Sanzo with 23089 Points
Rank:  3 max with 17473 Points
Rank:  4 Kamecimi with 15572 Points
Rank:  5 hardar with 9136 Points
Rank:  6 Fisk with 7345 Points
Rank:  7 Gilly with 6041 Points
Rank:  8 Cecil with 3086 Points
Rank:  9 Scarlet with 2554 Points
Rank:  10 dagyrox with 2007 Points

Sanzo -

what! i never even saw scumbag! when did he get all those points?! [:|]

Cecil -

from 7st-15st all he does is go for a new record

Sanzo -

Are you Is he serious?

Scumbag -


Cecil -

i literally log in around 11-12st just to answer one right and screw him

Sanzo -

That is by far the most evil thing I have ever heard

Broken image

Cecil -


Kamecimi -

ah man... fell off the horse there. ill come back and reach for that trivia gold! lol [;)][up]

Jamzi -

!Midweek Update!

[10:40:10] <Botter> Top10 Weekly Trivia Players
[10:40:11] <Botter> Rank:  1 Scumbag with 81914 Points
[10:40:11] <Botter> Rank:  2 Blind with 45262 Points
[10:40:12] <Botter> Rank:  3 Fisk with 28801 Points
[10:40:14] <Botter> Rank:  4 Sanzo with 9681 Points
[10:40:16] <Botter> Rank:  5 Kamecimi with 2686 Points
[10:40:22] <Botter> Rank:  6 hardar with 1140 Points
[10:40:24] <Botter> Rank:  7 dagyrox with 839 Points
[10:40:26] <Botter> Rank:  8 Cecil with 409 Points
[10:40:28] <Botter> Rank:  9 Jamzi with 223 Points
[10:40:30] <Botter> Rank:  10 max with 13 Points

[10:41:12] <Botter> 09,01 3rd Hint: ha**e*a*  12 15 secs & 176 Points Remaining

[10:41:16] <Jamzi> !row
[10:41:16] <Botter> 8,2 Most wins in a row is held by: Scumbag with an amazing 229 wins in a row!!! 
[10:41:17] <Jamzi> !fast
[10:41:17] <Botter> 8,2 Quickest answer time is held by: Blind with an amazing 2.047 seconds!!!

dagyrox -

blind is blinding fast?[:|]

Jamzi -

Hello again Trivia Fans!
It's time for the weekly rankings as given by your host, Botter!
We have a new entry at number 10, though I can hardly call it impressive, with 223 points here comes Jamzi, every village needs an idiot I guess!! Dagryrox has learned a thing or two since last week, he may not have as much quantity of points as last week but the quality of his answers somehow means he goes up a place to 9th!

Max on the other hand has fallen all the way from third last week to the bottom end of the table at 8th place with 1283 points. Hardar suffered a similar fate, dropping from 5th to 7th in a matter of days, he goes home with 2084 points.

Cecil more than doubles his points from last week to reach 7575 and position six, not too shabby at all!
Sanzo drops from second place last week to only just hitting the top 5 this week, however what can be expected when he has 10929 points this week compared to his impressive 23k points last time?

Refusing to be moved, solid as a rock Kamecimi maintains 4th place with 14857 points.
Fisk has built a solid buffer of points, almost doubling Kamecimi's score to take 29350 and rightfully earn third place in our table this week.

Like a trivia bullet travelling silently through the darkness Blind defeats all in his way to make a new entry straight to number two with 48507 of those trivia points. Congratulations Blind for being the nearest person to Scumbag this week!

Raising his own bar from last week Scumbag scores 48389 points more than he did last week. Will he reach the 200k glory line next week? He is inching closer with 178002 points - Congratulations to our own Usain Bolt of the Ork-Trivia world, let's see what records he can break next!

07:57:22] <Botter> Top10 Weekly Trivia Players
[07:57:22] <Botter> Rank:  1 Scumbag with 178002 Points
[07:57:22] <Botter> Rank:  2 Blind with 48507 Points
[07:57:22] <Botter> Rank:  3 Fisk with 29350 Points
[07:57:23] <Botter> Rank:  4 Kamecimi with 14857 Points
[07:57:25] <Botter> Rank:  5 Sanzo with 10929 Points
[07:57:29] <Botter> Rank:  6 Cecil with 7576 Points
[07:57:31] <Botter> Rank:  7 hardar with 2084 Points
[07:57:33] <Botter> Rank:  8 max with 1283 Points
[07:57:35] <Botter> Rank:  9 dagyrox with 839 Points
[07:57:37] <Botter> Rank:  10 Jamzi with 223 Points

11:03:00] <Botter>  Quickest answer time is held by: Blind with an amazing 2.047 seconds!!! 
[11:03:03] <Botter> Most wins in a row is held by: Scumbag with an amazing 229 wins in a row!!!

Jamzi -

Saturday 27th August

[21:58:42] <Botter> Top10 Weekly Trivia Players
[21:58:42] <Botter> Rank:  1 Scumbag with 157635 Points
[21:58:42] <Botter> Rank:  2 Blind with 28926 Points
[21:58:42] <Botter> Rank:  3 Cecil with 14179 Points
[21:58:42] <Botter> Rank:  4 max with 6944 Points
[21:58:43] <Botter> Rank:  5 Sanzo with 3111 Points
[21:58:48] <Botter> Rank:  6 hardar with 873 Points
[21:58:49] <Botter> Rank:  7 dagyrox with 387 Points
[21:58:51] <Botter> Rank:  8 gonzo with 236 Points
[21:58:53] <Botter> Rank:  9 Jamzi with 130 Points

Scumbag -


Jamzi -

Trivia is up and running again (it was down as we had to do some router swaps repeatedly - that's over with now).

Sanzo -

Ssshhhhh don't tell scumbag

Scumbag -


Scumbag -

09:15 Scumbag: !start
09:16 Scumbag: damn.... doesn't start.
09:16 Scumbag: beer
09:16 Scumbag: no beer... sucks
10:06 Scumbag: !start
10:50 Scumbag: :(
10:51 Scumbag: difficult: 4*5?
10:51 Scumbag: 21
10:51 Scumbag: damn...
10:51 Scumbag: 20
10:51 Scumbag: great you got 0 points...
10:51 Scumbag: total point this week: 0

Scarlet -

Scumbag that was amazing haha

Scumbag -

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