Oldest memory of Orkfia?

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Jamzi -

We were trying to workout when Orkfia started as we will have a small banner on the new theme saying to celebrate 15 years of Orkfia.

Anyway if you have any pictures or other saved evidence the older the better but also newer stuff too - please share, partly for scientific reasons but mostly coz it's fun to see what people have.

Mich -


Sanzo -

All my old screenshots are on my dead comp is your friend :)

Acwder -

Hm earliest mail I have is from Skathen about Age 6 starting, which was 2003-08-16.

BiltesKrieg -

:D heya acwder. long time.

Acwder -

Hey hey! Indeed:)

rEdL|nE -

Bilteskrieg sup man?

Acwder you lil pussy sup?
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