Official Whine Thread!

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Sanzo -

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What kind of wine do you like? Post here!
Personally I am a Malbec kinda guy

Pollito -

Only women drink wine

lepel -

Sanzo is a woman??? :)

hardar -

I like whine mojitos threads.

Sanzo -

Pollito do not whine in here this is a wine thread!
You obviously do not understand the importance of wine pairing. In due time you will understand. Only the most manly men drink wine.

Scumbag -

I prefere a B52

this way..

Kelvin -

Barley wine is nice. Like barley wine style ale.

Pollito -


Sanzo -

You're not funny.
Grow up dude

Pollito -

Quit being a bully Sanzo.

Michele -

Lawl yet the thread title is 'whine' give me a goon bag and ill be happy ^.^

Scarlet -

Whoa kids we got an Aussie. I loved goon bags on the beach.

bloodball -

i like rioja wine

Burning -

Native wine is the best for me! [evilgrin]

Cecil -

the kind thats not wine and actually patron[heart]

Scarlet -

Sake it to me.
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