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Saivar -

First off, I want to apologize for the confusion about the land farming. I am completely new to the game and am trying it out after a friend recommended it to me. All I can do is learn. Will welcome any advice, long as y'all are nice about it.

Moving on from that - just a little about me. I grew up watching my parents and an Uncle playing another game like this. One of them ended up helping keep things running and even hosted a site for everyone's pictures there for awhile. I am a college student seeking my degree in paralegal studies.

Sanzo -

Hi new guy (or girl)
Welcome [heart]

Fergx -


Sangez -

Welcome to the squad[heart]

h3 -

Welcome !! [heart]

tolyakarpov -

Welcome to aatw

Doc -

Welcome to the game, Saivar.

Regarding your other post, I would highly recommend that you play all of next Age with just your friends
so you can get a feel for things. The Ages in this game are only 28 days so it's not like some other games
where for 4 months you are really wishing you had joined a more established Alliance. And, if you have
seen the world news, (including your own Alliance news) the kill-rate in this game is horrendously high
so learning about buildings, races, tribe and resource management, space efficiency, and all the other
considerations you make in these kinds of games takes a back seat to black ops. (like... minivan, 4th
row back seat)

That being said, I was the first one killed this Age so you might want to consider me a horrible source for advice. [:$]

Fergx -

Welcome Saivar [up],

I am also quite new to the game but I caught on very quickly and I feel you should be able to do the same.

I would recommend trying out each arch-type and seeing which one fits your play style. Attackers are great for very active players, while mages and thieves are sorta on the less active side but are super beneficial to the potential of an alliance. An attacker can't attack other tribes without knowledge from a thief or a mage.

I would highly recommend that you play all of next Age with just your friends
so you can get a feel for things
- Doc

Doc makes a great point. You should make an alliance with your friends and try and be the best small alliance you can be. Show other alliances that you and your friends know how to play and you have a good chance of joining up with a bigger alliance once a new age starts since players come and go.

Also, don't be afraid to ask questions in the forums [:D]

Good luck and happy learning! [heart]

Pollito -

I am also new [cry]

Sanzo -

Welcome new blood

Smokey -

Welcome! Try some things and let us know what you think! [up]

Scarlet -

Pollito the thread necromancer...

Pollito -

Mawwww you know me so well [:D][heart]

Garland -

I have not played in 10 years. A lot of new things about the game. So I’m new

Smokey -

Welcome back Garland! Feel free to check “The Guide” for more resources on the game if you have questions. Also, say high in Orkfia Chat!
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