Hello all :)

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Kairon -

its been a while since i played this game... kinda just dropping by to see how much has been done since i left... from what i can see the game has sort of started to bloom again.... the last time i can recall playing was just over or under a year ago .... im curious to see if any of the older players i remember are still kickin it... Sanzo you around still? if i remember correctly which i probably dont but i think mazja stopped playing... so who is running the show now?

anyways i might stick around for the next age see how i go im pretty rusty.. #leave16alone [heart][:D]

Sanzo -

Welcome back

Scumbag -

[up] welcome... :)

Smokey -


NeoReborn -

Welcome. This round was wonky but game should be more balanced next round.

Stonehaven -

hello all! i used to play years ago too. used to be in 17 when they were called orkfian gods. =) back to play again to pass the time. any alliance recruiting?

Scumbag -

Welcome back....

h3 -

Welcome back !

Pollito -

Where's CosT?

Plato -


Plato -

CosT is in the happy house and forget himself [up]

rEdL|nE -

Welcome back lads!

Smokey -


EM_is_back -

I seriously can't believe this is still open lol Who is left?

orkfan -


Simo -

not me [:p]

michelob -

hi EM
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