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Bulby -

i reported it that someone shared my ip address... asked what to do about it ...i was told to report it... i did... there has been no conspiring... check my messages... how funny that this would be done ... who did i supposedly conspire against... im sure its just that if 2 guys share a wi fi network or cell tower they are gonna be hitting the same targets eventually ...when there is only 42 players in the game...

Dear Bulby,

You have been suspended for the remainder of the age for conspiring with Peach Fuzzed (#40)

Rules broken:

4.2 Alliance Co-op (
Alliances are not permitted to work together under any circumstances.

5.3 Multiple Accounts (
You are allowed one (1) account. Multiple accounts will be deleted upon detection.

5.4 Crosslogging
Logging into your account from someone else's computer, who also plays Orkfia, can look suspicious so we advise against it (see section 5.5.2 regarding Report Sharing Computers).

Since you have been suspended for these reasons before I will give you an ultimatum: pick one tribe, or play together in the same alliance.
Next violation will result in extended suspension and forced reset.

~ Sanzo
of course they didnt report my ops on the supposed co-conspiritor or his ops on us... lame ass guy here must want an age win bad to fuck over other players...

Sanzo -

Hmm 2 players that conveniently sometimes login from same IP, target the same tribes at the same time. It has happened more than once
I did not want to pause you but I was given no other choice.

Jolten -

Bulby do you know what the odds are of the one tribe logging into the same IP as you also happens to target the same tribe your attempting to kill more then once? And only happens to use ops that benefit your alliance? Do you know who this person is?

Sanzo -

Maybe you should recruit this guy you don't really know. It's not such a big deal if you're playing from the same alliance [:s]

michelob -

Yes cross logging seems to be the IN thing in a couple of alliances.

Jolten -

We can only look into reports. If you'd like to submit a report is be happy to look into it.

Gits -

Why dont u start with 125 and work your way down.

Jolten -

#125 is myself DM and Amir.

Myself and DM are in Washington state. Amir in California. And not once have we logged in to each others accounts. Or even logged into the same IP address in the 13+ years we've been playing together.

Jolten -

If you don't believe me you have a member of LnO in your alliance that you can request look into it. @Smokey

Gits -

So you saying you have never cheated lol

How can I believe you if YOU pm me a few mins ago without even me pming you or anyone else outside my alliance what my tribe is?

An admin separates OOC knowledge with IC. You clearly failed at that. Thx

Bulby -

there is 42 tribes in game... i have been opped by 3 different alliances at same time...reported and got told gee there isnt many players in the game so getting opped when your a big guy comes with the territory...whats this other guy say? did you message him? if its the guy you said why did he op us and us kill him..he was either a viking or balrog we killed.. if i was co=opping with him i would have warned him... or he would have warned me... how stuid do you think we are...its all about not wanting someone else to win... as far as bullshit moves... running and hiding in acation mode while under duress is shitt enough ...comeing out at the most oppurtune time to hit those who were killing you ...and why is it jump out and hit when it takes 6 ticks to run and hide... and what do the the guys in his alliance think... i think its exactly as stated..two guys in same city playing off same tower or network...

Rudy -

Omg yes let's shit on the admins! They only police when it benefits them. Another reason admins should not be able to play. Abusing power has been a thing since this game existed.

Sanzo -

If I am understanding this correctly, the grievance stated in above comments concerns Jolten's tribe returning from Vacation mode, correct?
Unfortunately this was highly coincidental timing [cry] His tribe was in Vacation Mode for the minimum 54hrs (6hrs to pause + 48hrs in vacation)

I propose we add a cool-off period for tribes returning from VM. We can make this period so the tribe is unable to jump in to the right away, it will have the same stipulations as the period whence entering VM. So no outgoing operations or invasions.

Alias -

on this note, any chance that there could be an indicator of how long tribes
have been in vacation or suspension or any other 'inactive' state?

i remember a few ages ago, an entire alliance was paused but then came
back a bit quicker than i anticipated and was taken by surprise.

if not, no worries, just a thought.

Tommies -

Maybe make another CoC rule not abusing the vacation mode after a tribe is targetted to get killed.

Jolten in L&O is a joke. So much for setting a good example. Not to mention all the scripting they do. When their buildings are being destroyed they have not been rebuilt the same tick, but yet the thieves are being send out every tick for napo and TA. That is suspicious behaviour.

Virchue -

Also maybe allow you to get intel on pauses tribes so you can still be prepared when you enter their range. That being said, our alliance was ready for him to come back as we knew when he went to vacation mode (fly over) and that vacation mode lasts a minimum of 48 hours.

Jolten -

You guys all know I'm not the one who investigated and suspended bulby?

Jolten -

@tommies not sure what your referring to as I believe I was the only one targeted by you guys.

Tommies -

Yes you are the innocent litle boy doing nothing wrong.

How does it work for admins anyway. Is there a log kept with the information you guys are gathering about other tribes.

I would like to know if any of the admins have excess to check login times and IP addresses of tribes. Will it store this “entrance/peek” of the admin in a log file or does there need to be an official request(report) before the admin has excess to look into a tribe details?

If not, admins would have way too many abusing powers;

Jolten -

So why am I being the one dragged through the mud?

You all honesty think that I'm cheating, yet Smokey in #26 and Sanzo in #24 are both in LnO as well.

When I brought Smokey into LnO I told him to feel free to practice on my tribe. As I've got nothing to hide.

Tommies -

All 3 of you have been targeted the last week, not just as a kill target.

Tommies -

And scripting is difficult too prove. Has nothing to do with Hiding:)

Jolten -

Scripting is very easy to prove.

Jolten -

Also during the kill attempt against me (first one) I had over 3000 barren if I recall when I woke up to go to work. And survived another kill attempt during my 6hour wait for vacation mode to start. Only a fool would have thought I wouldn't restart my tribe after the 48hour wait

Buffy -

Haha so funny, we live 4hrs apart cant use same ip or anything, i am not a hacker, i barely know how to use a computer as it is.

Gits -

Jolt me and you go way back, but as you know me I won't stand for cheaters. I was told when I came back a couple of ages ago that you guys in 125 were cheats, at first I didn't want to believe that. Then things started to get weird on y'all.

You tell me you don't cheat but yet you check who the fuck I am as a tribe and pm me without no one except my alli knowing? That is one thing where I did flip, as an admin when I was in LnO, Ops and last Dev, I never abused my powers in any way in this or any other game I've played where I've been an admin in different capacities, yes I am a dick, a big dick to people outside my ally but it's all fun and games but goshdarnit, I've never cheated in any fucking capacity. Even if I did know who had what, who was who, I kept it to myself, it's called having integrity. Your PM to me, showed me that your “Integrity” lacks as you clearly abused your powers and who knows what else you have done to get an upper-hand and imo you aren't fit for the job, but I am just a returning player so whatever.
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