Raven success!!!

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Buffy -

1 million elites. That is all thx.

Tommies -

Good job buddy.[up]

Rudy -

Not hard to achieve hiding in a 3 person alliance where there's no threat of being wared. Your build most of the age was growth where everyone else was on and out of war build. So I'm not impressed with this and say be competitive in bigger alliance. Oh and let's change the rules on hostility vs small alliances that can grab so many times with out even reaching any hostility [:s]

Kingk88 -

Yeah not in any wars . Grabbing while other alliances are in war . Some achievement

Gits -

And you still cant break the britt.. Some success... Lol

Lil Britty -

Nice work [up]

Bulby -

give a guy his props... if he reached a personal goal power to him...its is food for thought on changing the hostility rules so a guy like that cant hide and dictate what others can hold land wise and such... we opped him for 24 hours and got up to 19% hostility

Sanzo -

dont mean to interject here, but if it were the same difficulty to war any alliance regardless of land or #tribe discrepancy, you do realize the bigger alliance would whoop the smaller alliance 99% of the time [8)]

PheNom -

So kinda line some alliance(s) already.?

But hasnt that been the case for like forever?

Sanzo -

i mean, yeah i guess so lol

its still not impossible to kill people out of war though, also some spells/ops give huge hostility

Gits -

I understand if the hostility is tougher to gain on smaller allies. The thing is, there has to be some sort of con against that.

Say if u are in a smaller ally, its a tad more difficult to gain research than a warring ally or a 6+ alliance?

Sanzo -

Hmm well come to think about it, that is a fair point to make.
I agree it shouldn’t be near impossible to war an alliance close to your land size but different #tribes or vise versa.
When it was 12 tribes maximum it was more of a big deal. Additionally I think we’ve made steps for warring alliances to be more of an equal match (guilds/HO don’t scale drastically as they used to)

Ok hostility formula modifications it is then

Bulby -

yes i think it would be best... if a 10k acres tribe hits all the big guys of big alliances for lands and keeps from hostility it is a bad formula... his hits into a big alliance should come with a huge hostility price... yet the big alliance just crazy opping to kill a big solo or small tribe number alliance should get the best results... its a fine line...defend the smaller alliance guys...yet taking advantage of the rule to pawn all guys with grabs and hide is bad

Sanzo -

There's no rule to take advantage of though

Gits -

He means harder to get hostility as that rule.

Bulby -

yes gits the rule of low alliance tribe number computed into hostility is the rule being taken advantage of... best way to stop it... every attack outside a small alliance makes a 6 hour retal window where ten times normal hostility can be achieved against the “hiding” tribes alliance..

Plato -

Or just kill Them?

Gits -

Not when they are in full tm def mode, as well as low ops going thru due to hostility being minimal, thus no war. 40 and us tried 3 or 4 times total already.

Plato -

Nah you are just whining, if there is a will...

Noone is unkillable

Gits -


Fisk -


There are ops/spells to take out defense.
Tried starting there? [up]

Jolten -

It's not impossible to kill us out of war. One or 2 of us get killed every age. Very rarely do we all make it to the end of the age.

Jolten -

Also you all forget that small alliance's in war mode will only have 25% of the fire power of a full alliance. So why it's harder for you all to war us. It's harder still for us to kill you.

I'd be game to make wars easier on small alliances if you'd be game for us to scale damages to be even as well.

Sanzo -

Not 25% jolten... that would be if full alliances had 12 tribes lol

I understand people’s frustration about this, while at the same time think it is very unfair for some alliances to be so severely outmatched
I’ll try to figure out a midway point

Jolten -

Thanks for the correction Sanzo. Sorry high on cold meds at the moment.

But I think we have some changes coming in the next couple ages that should actually make this a non issue.

Smokey -


P.s. Vote Smokey for class president and he'll make all your wildest dreams come true. (Let's see how may people get the reference.)
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