Raven success!!!

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Bulby -

if we could base it on the largest tribe in the smaller alliances it might work out... i dont want to see small guys in small alliance totally picked on...

PheNom -

While ur at it... Reduce All those tribes in green. I dont get why they are “active” so long..

And yes its a very very small and insignificant problem :)

Tommies -

/me votes for Smokey[:D]

Sanzo -

Bulby (& Gits), you make some excellent points.
I know this reply is long overdue. It is a sticky situation here, either we let full alliances bulldoze through semi-full alliances, or allow semi-full alliances to evade war, and thus unfairly reap the rewards of constant growth. Although I do not pick a side in this fight, I believe changes should be implemented (and let me tell you they will be) to favor full alliances without tipping the scales completely in their favor.

Hal -

times must have changed. a lone raven would never have survived past 5k in the old days. we used to kill off all attackers on the tribe ranking front page[;)]
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