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War correspondant S. Bradbury reporting live from ground zero. In what may go down in the annals as one of the shortest lived wars in recent times the citizens from alliance 29 seem to have no response to the sheer devestation and terror brought down upon them. The official response from the head of state was brief but powerful

“We done got riggidy rekt son...”

Citizens are currently dealing with the after math of this shock and awe attack and the bodies are piling in the streets as plague spreads virulently through the disposed population. As of yet there has been no foreign aid.

Virchue -

Exceptional report

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I vote for Orkfia news!

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Love it!!

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Foreign aid sent [evilgrin]

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In the past we had “The Orkfian Times” . (By Mazja or Sweets)

Bradbury -

In the wake the violent attacks a mere 10 hours ago we have seen a massive response from foreign powers in support of the ailing 29'ers. From messages of support to direct aid it has warmed the hearts of the people and life seems to be returning to normal. Even the previously hostile tribes have sent support; although we may never see the wounds of this war fully healed.

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I missed theses....
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