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Scarlet -

I just installed a bunch of dating apps and want to use some good one liners.
Keep it appropriate for forums please! [up]

Examples of pickup lines I have tried:

Virchue -

My love for you is like diarrhea.... I can’t hold it in

Mistro -

One liners always fail.

Pick up on an aspect or feature from one of their profile pics or their text and say hello with something interesting showing you have a common interest.

Meet in person early on to save wasting time.

Lil Britty -

There's 10 types of girls in this world, those that understand binary jokes and those who don't.

Gilgatn -

How much does a polar bear weigh?

Enough to break the ice!

Gits -

How much does a polar bear weigh?

Enough to break the ice!

If that is what you use for a pickup line, does that mean you only look for big girls? [:|] [8)]

Stonehaven -

Do you like ravens?

Cause u can hit you at end if tick every hours.

Shout out to all ravens

Scarlet -

I'm a Mori Hai, and 15% more resistant to your charm.
I still find you irresistible.

Sanzo -

Dayum grrrrrrrl!
Are you a spirit? Cause I can’t see you![:|]

Lil Britty -

Damn girl are you a raven? Cause I’d like it if you’re back home in an hour.

orkfan -

porn sanzi?

Sanzo -

OK Scarlet,

Today I was at a restaurant and the waitress asked for my ID. I'm 30. I was like “wow really?! ID?! okay...”
so then I asked her “Can I see your ID? Are you old enough to work?”
Of course I didn't ask her for her number cause I'm married, but as far as pick up lines go, I give it a [up]

Virchue -

Play the game. Married or not

Scarlet -

I still get ID'd everywhere

I'd be Elendian her my number [;)]

Kingk88 -

Can I buy you a drink or would you rather just have the money

Smokey -

King, have you ever tried that? What was the response. I cannot imagine that going over well.

Kingk88 -

It breaks the ice and 9x out of 10 they laugh introduce yourself buy a drink and take it from there . Better in pubs and clubs 😁

Bongo -

You know what would look good on you?....ME !!!
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