Eagle Success!!

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Lil Britty -

Felt the need for an eagle appreciation thread, with the negative press it’s been getting recently.

3rd time playing it, had a lot of fun. Not about the individual acres for me, but the team benefit.

Combined age 100 + 101:
71,000 fame
15 kills

My condolences to those tribes [evilgrin]. Now I understand and respect why it is getting nerfed [:s].

Gilgatn -

its not nerfed aat all man regen means nothing its about the output they can do

didn't fix 100 dms available didn't fix the ability to elude in fact buffed it

didn't do anything useful from 6 hour full mana to 8 hour??? not a big deal at all

Virchue -

Their max output is nerfed slightly in 102.

Instead of homes acting as 10% guilds its only 5% guilds now

Edit: reread it and you are right. Who cares about regen! Should both be 1/6

Hal -

kudos to you, i never could stomach playing same race two aged in a row.

i dislike the evade.. but it was fun watching virchue spending 7-8hrs finding goddamn eagles. must have been a productive day[;)]

Scarlet -

Elude stronk.
When you get three ticks in a row eluded... Ugh.

Just gotta make all other races just as strong [;)]

Tommies -

You were awesome with Eagle Britty![up][evilgrin]

JackStacks1029 -

New to this game. Played back in 06/07
But totally forgot how to play.

JackStacks1029 -

Please help explain how to start. Lol

Kovenant -

Ah, maybe first check the guide out it really gives alot of basic info.
Then just join an active ally that surely can help you with more info.
And yeah its fun and addictive;)

Sanzo -

Orkfia is like riding a bike.
Play around a bit and it’ll come back quickly [:D][up]

Smokey -

Build Buildings > Train Defense Units > Start Tribe button (on tribe page).

What those buildings and units are depends on your strategy, so you'll have to play around with starting out a few times to figure it out.

In the mean time, have fun with it!

Full -


HaRRy -

You can mess around the remainder of this age :) For next age it's probably good to play with some “vets”. Can be a full alliance or just 1 or 2 people but it's good to be able to just ask questions.

You can also ask questions on our discord channel or in-game chat. It's often a bit quiet but if you just ask a question someone will reply eventually [;)] Most bigger alliances do chat a lot in private channels.

The biggest difference with before is that there is no “OOP strat”, everyone just goes out of protection at the same size when the age starts.

Hal -

i think there was OOP strats back in 06/07, infinity didn't come in till way later

HaRRy -

Oops, I meant to say no oopstrat. Infinity came later yes.
Changed post

Hal -

oh oops i read that wrong. definitely better this way although i do miss infinity at times
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