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jazz -

What happened to those high elfs? They were dominating the early game. Why did they reset?[:D]

Gabba -

Or were they dominating ?

Hal -

all HEs will die, it's just a question of who's first [:)]

Tommies -

Rudy doesnt like when he gets killed, thats why he resets before others kill him. Same goes for his wife I suppose:)

Welcome back Rudy[heart]

Tukk -

Rudy? Hope that's a compliment [:o].

I don't see why anyone has to justify any actions they make in this game[8)]. Reset was not my first choice, but what a lame race and I was not playing it anymore this age even if I could be the biggest tribe which is not my #1 goal compared to others that are sensitive to our resets [:p]

Ed -

I Lol'd

Odin -

HE are just left unchecked for now, we will all die off soon Im sure[cry]
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