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Sanzo -

I was searching the web yesterday, and found this lage about Orkfia. Circa 2003.
Be nostalgic [:D][up]

Smokey -


Eagles are rare, elusive creatures, often hunted for their valuable feathers. That said, they are extremely difficult to find. Many a hunter has gone into eagle territory, and the result is usually the same.

Either they find nothing, or never returns........

65% chance of “miss battle” When your troops search out the eagles, only to return without having found them and requiring an hours rest before they can attack again

Nester (0/0) - 10cr

Emesen (2/0) - 100cr

Vendo (0/4) - 350cr

Anekonian (2/7) - 950cr

Razorbeak (0/0) - 300cr

65% oh my!!! But it's their only trait.

Lil Britty -

Might want to bring them back........

Bolle -

I'm another time capsule. Hi everyone!

Kelvin -

Old f*ck [:p]

Hal -

hi bolle ;p

Bolle -

So apart from the obvious changes to the game, what have I missed? People leaving, returning, exceptionally juicy bits of drama?

Ed -

This is the first thing I found before starting the game.

.. I almost quit before starting.

Smokey -

...the more powerful you are, the more people are afraid of you... And isn't that the point?

Haha, yes. Well said.

Hal -

nothing's changed, same old dramas [8)]

Jolten -

Yeah it's still pretty much a hate Jolten and flame him as much as possible game, so you should be able to get up to speed quickly ;)

Bongo -

are you kidding... we love you jolten....

Buffy -

Speak for yourself :p

Smokey -


Bongo -

we have a very nice mix of love and hate here in Orkfia... lets build a wall !!

Tukk -

A wall doesn't keep the cheaters out thou [8)]

Gits -

I would have thought the same for cry babies...[;)]

Hal -


Full -


Bolle -

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