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2018-12-14 19:00:00 In local news: 129 Archpriests were found dead after a beer-drinking contest.

The clergy in this game appears to be Catholic.

Also, isn't an Archpriest the one at the top? Like, there's only ONE? No wonder they're doing beer-drinking contests to determine which one is best for the job.

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They're below bishops. They are just like the chief priests.
You're thinking archbishop / pope?

Priestly orders are well known for making beer ^,^ it's usually pretty strong stuff

It appears templars are Germanic too.

That's a lot of dead priests haha

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My tribe has a salamander problem....

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Where's CosT?



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he is hidden in my basement! Along with all the good ideas to make this game great again [up]

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Well if he's already your slave best put him to work on the game.

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Oy Vey! The madness!
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