#34 vs #40 War Report

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ScorpiAS -

We are old but we still want some action so the war with the impostors (#40 aka fake countdown) was bound to happen at some point.
It was a beautiful night in the retirement home (around 14 PM) and we were happily watching as ender was trying to climb the stairs with his cane. Suddenly two razes came from the top tribes in 40 against our poor lil raven. If this was the first time, we would have let that slide. Sadly, our advanced age prevented us from remembering if that was the first time, so we decided to be on the safer side and war them instead.

All able bodies were called on the deck and a quick count followed. We were delighted to find that we were 17 in our alliance (good counting gertjan!). Confident that our numbers advantage will be sufficient some of the tribes decides (looking at you Daniel and sanzo) decided the conversion to war was not necessary. Never the less we felt that 15 should be more than enough and we set our sights of the easiest target we could see aka the merged raven Flying High.
The plan was simple. Kill him dead. Gonzo made a valiant effort and replaced sanzo sleeping pills with tic-tacs so sanzo was miraculously awake before the KT. Bored because everyone else was sleeping he grabbed the target down and when we woke up we finished him easily. We were in the lead 1-0.. or was it more.. or maybe less?
Bloodthirsty we set our eyes on fulikins. We did some quick and accurate calculations and then we did them again this time for reals. Sure we are killing fulikins easily we decided to all miss the KT. Needless to say he survived easily. To avoid further shame and since we were out of tictacs to keep sanzo awake we decided to not kill anyone until the next day.
“second” KT was set for early in the morning with ganicus the pesky gladiator set as a target. Our brave thieves prepared him for the lazy mages who were too busy to argue who did the most damage and actually forgot to finish him. 13 seconds into the tick ender fireballed him by mistake thinking that he is voiding and actually got the kill. Lucky us.
Feeling confident that even though we suck things just go our way we set a third kill for the same day. A pure joy but everyone showed up, we actually opped In unison and we got an easy and timely kill to end the war.
Now we are back to bed. Please don’t attack sanzo anymore. Pretty please. Also ender runs no thief protection

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Kairon -

God I've missed these [cry][:D]

ScorpiAS -

Righ? and my wife said there is zero reason to go to the toilet with my phone...what a noob

Boats -

Nice war report. I like the funny ones.[heart][evilgrin]

Hal -

it's been a while, that was fun to read. i hope you old geezers get some rest now[:)]
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