Time to say goodbye

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Fisk -

Hello friends and enemies!

I will be leaving this game when this age ends (or before), and I have no intention of returning; as of now.

I have both loved and hated playing with you! [heart]
I can't say I “met” everyone, but I do think it's not too many I've missed.

I really hope this game will get more players and grows instead of declines [8)]

Signing off;
Lyr - Iznogoud - Fisk - and a bunch more aliases used... since 2004ish? [heart]

ScorpiAS -

Dont you even think about it.. we will break your legs.. not even kidding!!

Boats -

Fisk. It was a pleasure to play with you last age mate.

I wish you the best of luck to you and your kiddo. Stop by once in a while man. Remember us once in a while.

Much love [heart]

Smokey -

Best of luck to you Fisk!!! [:D]

Scarlet -

See you in 5 years :)

Been guten!

Hal -

you'll be back, bye for now[:p]

ScorpiAS -

he is not leaving

rEdL|nE -

He isn't leaving. He wants to be able to walk. [evilgrin]

Boats -

So Fisk wants attention? Kinky [:p]
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