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PickleJuice -

Maybe if that sentence was constructive youd know this:

Every single war and inbetween this is what the puppets have done specifically to us.

Made burner accounts to advance their own game who made only 5k d age start max mines for pire pillage gains

They also consantly op us detailing information to one another in a chat program i assume discord

Made 1 burner account only attack us until it couldnt then hit 125 to advance whatever motive

Then they burn our mana and guilds during wars every 4 to 6 ticks to advance their friends

So what do we so report it and what doesnt sanzo do take the private post and smear it

This is who is in charge of your game people whovdo things blindly following the motives of a select few

Thats why when suggestions are made they are discarded and blasted because if they did use them ot would mess with their little game tbey have going on

Sanzo -

You sent a report to LnO 2 weeks ago. I investigated and acted accordingly. LnO does not need to report its findings to players.

If you have any other suspicious activity you would like to report, then please don’t hesitate to send another report. Also, i am not the only one that looks into these things [8)]

Bongo -

yeah i sent in reports as well ...concerning interference with/by the alliance you just quit... apparently unfounded... just coincidence your trying to kill our kills ...message them telling them sorry we were trying to steal 42 kill... to keep them from gains in fame and rps... yet point fingers elsewhere...
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