War report #31 vs #36

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Noodle -

When the fearless and newly appointed leaders of #36, sounded the horns of war and the calls went out around the world to beckon all tribes under his banner responded within min except one fairy that needed several calls and pings to awaken them from their slumber. All tribes showed up for the kill, it was unknown if the raven was online at the time of his death, a few mails soon determined he was.
Hours later #36 landed another blow to #31, this time the kt only required 4 tribes as we seen it was someone’s birthday still we figured the Templar’s were heavily drunk from a weekend of partying and heavy drinking so we landed a fairly easy blow to #31.
6 hours later #36 still looking for blood targeted a poor wood elf, the target was not online at the time of the kill,fireballs arsons and magical voids were thrown at the poor helpless wood elf, who fell very abruptly,
However #31 would not go down without drawing some of their enemies blood, they coordinated a near flawless kill on the poor under defending fairy who had just lost a great portion of academys several ticks before to the ruthless #31
the moral of this story is never go drinking with Templar’s, they can not hold their liquor even on birthdays.

Tommies -

Well done. Risky builds paid off.

That's how it should be played[up]

rEdL|nE -

Great war and even better great timing. Kudos lads

Anon -

good job on the quick convert and retal kill.

full had a blast he was like a fat kid in a candy store[:)]
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