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Acehole -

It was a cool late fall afternoon and the dragons of 'MERICA were out looking for a nice breakfast. They came across a dwarven tribe of Slacking Opa in the lands of the Slackers. They feasted throughout the day on the dwarf, filling their bellies. The cursed balrogs saw an opportunity to spread their evil into the dwarven tribe. After they finished off the last dwarf the horns of war sounded in the land of the Slackers. The killing of the dwarf was enough to set the Slackers into a war with 'MERICA.

After tasting dwarven blood, the balrogs set their sites on the tribe of spirits in the land of the Slackers. The dragons did not care if their prey is dead or alive and so they proceeded to raze the spirits homes and enjoy the feast with the balrogs.

The larger tribes of the Slackers saw the larger balrogs as threats and proceeded to curb their onslaught. This was not enough and one of the dragons feasted on the last spirit of Woody, thus ending the tribe of spirits.

While fairies are generally smaller folk, the balrogs saw their powerful magic as a threat. This set into motion the destruction of the fairies. Balrogs conquered the fairy's lands, only to have the balrogs in the land of the Slackers take the land right back. The dragons also wanted to feast on the fairy and also show off their powerful magic. Dragon mages rained down on the fairy, as well as razed their homes and feasted on their citizens. But a lowly sneaky Britt also wanted in on the fun that he saw his fellow 'MERICAns taking part in. He decided to burn the homes of the fairy tribe so they would have nowhere to hide and the dragons and balrogs could feast. And feast they did. Seeing the last remaining fairy folk holed up trying to hide he poisoned their water and watched as the last of them die.

Thus the war was won by 'MERICA.

scarlo -

nice report Ace, and nice war 125. [:D]

Buffy -

What about the attempt on the balrog? And how close the war was lol.

Player 2 -

Something about history is written by the victors

Acehole -

All I could see from my side was that your power kept going up. I had no idea how other than the hits on our balrog. But it wouldn't have been as fun to write about how close it was. [;)]

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