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pcbootsy -

Does anyone know what I need to do to get the ACTIONS >> MILITARY TRAINING notification to go away? It is constantly showing [1], then MILITARY TRAINING is yellow. I built armies and upgraded them. Is this a bug? Is there something I am missing that triggers this?


DeadEd -

Put any extra basic units into Market.

pcbootsy -


Thanks so much. That did the trick. It was driving me nuts!

scarlo -


Welcome to the game bootsy!

pcbootsy -

Thanks Scarlo. It is really fun. There is a lot of drama already. I love it.

poopy -

It will get worse on the drama front...

scarlo -

Haha we’ve always had drama. Glad you’re comfy with it.

Scarlet -

Drama? What drama!

Noodle -


Sanzo -

TIL anything other than complete silence / dead forums = drama [8)]

Pollitoo -

Im going to steal all your signs...
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