Age 78 Changes

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Scarlet -

Try clicking “Join this board” in the top right somewhere. Then you should be able to :)

bloodball -

already done =p

ScorpiAS -

turns out I goofed the permissions. Everyone will have access to posting comments and voting (provided that they have a valid account with trello)

Smokey -

Does the DE bonus to ml push the max ml higher or simply increase ml up to the cap? Ie requires less academies to achieve the same ml as other races; therefore, freeing up land.

Jolten -


I believe

Jolten -

Up to cap

Sanzo -

is it Acads*1.5/land
if you got 25% of each branch?

Jolten -

I don't believe so.

Bolle -

According to the text it's a bonus to ML, not acads.

I don't think there's a difference in practice.
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