Age 82 Changes

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Expected end of current age: 2016-09-27 18:00:00

Age 82 is expected to start around 48 hours later but we will notify you in announcements/mail once the schedule is set for the start.

Planned age changes are:

* After many months of development and testing (though I will be surprised if there is still not an odd bug here or there which we need your help to identify!).. we will be releasing a modernised layout/visual theme. You can view a sneak preview on our main facebook page or in the email newsletter that will be sent out to over 2500 verified email addresses next week.

* Those races in the “Attacker” tab of the in-game guide (High Elf, Dwarf, Raven and Uruk Hai) will have their class perk of 3hr training time extended to all units, not just basics.

* Raven off spec 4/0 --> 3/0

* Lots of small updates from suggestions forum like player code of conduct linked on every page, further improvements to staff tools to help quicken the process to identify/ban cheaters and highlight when a merge/namechange is waiting. Also a tool for identifying newly joined tribes to help us to proactively offer help to newcomers. There will also be Alliance intel archive improvements (including facility to intel yourself and have it show in the alli archive for ease of sharing with alli mates/elder for advice).

Finally, I saw a comment where someone didn't realise they can play from smartphone - don't forget we now have the fully working mobile version - you can even download a free bridging app for Android phones (search Google Play for “Orkfia”) if you are too lazy to type into your mobile browser :)

Comments/questions? Please use this thread - thanks!
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