Age 86 Changes

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Scarlet -

Hey everyone, I've tried to migrate our changes to be a bit more transparent, so you have seen a large chunk of this already.

Most of this is centered around the science update to make science work with age resets, and the race rotation.

I will note any edits at the bottom if this post has an error.

- Science changes
- Nazguls + Raid boost
- War cap changed to 125% and surrender allowed at 18 hours
- A bunch of spells/ops/attacks don't suck outside war anymore!

Science Changes
-Can now see uninvested RP for each tribe
-Current Science Bonuses now available to view

50% Max Per Branch, 100% Max total
100% equates to 30RPA (Linear correlation). Investing past 100% will increase the distribution to that branch (if it is not already 50%)
No Decay.

- 2.00% increased effectiveness of weaponries (max 100%)
- 1.00% increased Mana, and Thievery points (max 50%)
- 1.00% increased building damage on attacks (max 50%)
@ 30% Military returns 1 tick faster

- 2.00% increased effectiveness of walls (max 100%)
- 1.00% increased effectiveness of Churches & Guard houses. (max 50%)
- 0.50% increased population from homes (max 25%)
@ 30% buildings build 1 tick faster (min 2)

- 2.00% increased citizen regeneration rate (max 100%)
- 1.00% increased production from mines, farms, and yards (max 50%)
- 0.5% decreased crown cost for exploring (max 25%)
@30% exploring is 1 tick faster

- 2.00% increased TP/MP burned with Hwighton Raid & Enforced Honesty (max 100%)
- 1.00% reduced fame lost from standard attacks (max 50%)
- 0.50% chance to persuade an enemy to not attack (max 25%)
@ 30% Your alliance can declare war at 600 hostility

Guide Updates
Invasions now appear in the in game guide.
Buildings now appear in the in game guide.

In/Out of War Damage Changes
The following spells, attacks, and operations are no longer affected by war damage to allow for them to be used as intended.

Hit n Run

Meteor storm
Lightning bolt
Enchantress Salem
Magical Void
Winds of Distress

Engineered explosives
Arsenic infusion
Cut supply
Mine Walls

War Changes
-Can now surrender at 18 hours for the price of 15% of alliance fame in any war.
-War damage cap changed from 150% to 125% to account for science changes.

Building Changes
Block 2% of incoming spells.
Guard Houses
Block 2% of incoming operations.

Race Changes
Three Races are being cycled into play:
Nazgul (In place of Raven)
Templar (In place of Eagle)
Brittonian (In place of Spirit)

Cannot Explore, or Land Claim
3 hour attack time and +100% land gained from raid
0.00666% per fame chance of attacks not showing in alliance news.

Soulless 0/0 50cr
Black Rider 5/0 375cr
Numen 0/6 600cr
Wraith 12/12 1800cr
Shadow 0/0 350cr

1 Cleric Per Acre gives 1 Mage Level (Does not stack with Academies)
Allowed to build 45% homes
Churches count as ½ weaponry

Monk 0/0 50cr
Knight 5/0 500cr
Archpriest 0/5 450cr
Paladin 6/6 1050cr
Cleric 2/0 350cr

Renowned Thieves: Engineered Explosives and Cut Supply grand 0.5 additional crowns per fame, per building destroyed.
Home to thieves: Homes hold 50 thieves, Hideouts hold 75 thieves (but no citizens)

Thug 0/0 50cr
Highwayman 6/0 625cr
Lawyer 0/5 600cr
Marauder 4/7 1200cr
Rogue 0/0 50cr

Wood Elf
Woodrider 3/0 350cr --> 5/0 600cr
Tree Ent 1/9 1065cr --> 0/9 1050cr

Flibbertgibbert 500cr --> 450cr
Mugwump 3/6 850cr --> 0/7 850cr

Dark Elf
Nightrider 3/5 900cr --> 6/7 1200cr

Uruk Hai
+50% enemy losses when attacking
Changed to
+25% enemy losses when attacking
+20% increased building damage when attacking

Hill Troll 8/0 850cr --> 7/0 700cr

High Elf
Attack Fame Mod 0.00002%-> 0.00003%

Spells & Operations
Gains altered per building destroyed to align more with engineered explosives
50 rp per lab destroyed
4000 food per farm destroyed
12000 crowns per mine destroyed (up from 8000)
600 wood per yard destroyed

8% mines are now destroyed instead of 5%

Land Gains doubled. Formula as follows:
0.06 * AttackerLand / (1+0.5*exp(-8*(DefenderLand/AttackerLand-0.8)))^2

8000 crowns per acre taken (does not include land explored)
Meteor Storm
Increased success rate, and fame.

Post Edits:
- Templar Elite Cost Update: 900cr -> 1050cr
- Updated spells unaffected by war damage to include spells that don't deal damage.
- Updated High Elf Mod
- Updates to Research UI

Sanzo -

I have no idea what to think about this

Doc -

forgive the stupid question but does No Decay mean that if your Alliance gets the full 50%
in one branch of science when they are at 15,000 acres, they will still have 50% when
they are at 30,000 acres without further investment of research points?

or, would they be down to 25%?

Sanzo -

No decay means you don't lose research if you don't grow. So in your case, growing by 2 would effectively cut your research in half.

Now I have a question:
Does the MP/TP War sci bonus effect regeneration too?

Also how about we take out stupid High Elves and leave Raven in?

Doc -

nazgul attack no show in which alliance news? attacker? or defender? or both?

max -

nazgul attack no show in which alliance news? attacker? or defender? or both?

Both, no alliance news will be created at all.

max -

Does the MP/TP War sci bonus effect regeneration too?

That is how I interpreted it.

Smikis -

what would be land gain for nazgul 500 vs 500 land raid?

max -

what would be land gain for nazgul 500 vs 500 land raid?

About 49-50 acres, assuming target has no barren.

Scarlet -

@ Sanzo

Raven is an outlier in play, either failing miserably or being unstoppable. Not sure if that's good or bad, but they will get rotated back in.

Sanzo -

Lol raven is neither terrible nor unstoppable. Don't blame the player
And without raven to slow people down, we will just have everybody exploring out of control

HE are a shit race.

Gus Fring -

Raven would be overpowered with current raid and pillage upgrades. You know that as well, dont try to fool the system:)

max -

The changes has been uploaded.

Happy bug hunting [:D]

Doc -

Doc -

Produce research points for your alliance to invest in Science
Holds Produces
10 Citizens
25 Research Points (RP) per tick”

Produce money for your tribe
Holds Produces
10 Citizens
300 crowns per tick
Dwarf mines produce 120% of normal”

“Hit 'n' Run
An attack that can be used to wear down a larger tribe.
Attacker Losses Defender Losses

-From in-game guide

Are these changes from recent Ages that are not on the wiki page?

Gus Fring -

So 1RPA invested in 1 branch would give 3.33%%? (assuming it's Linear as Scarlet said).

Sanzo -

Doc I dunno what you are talking about. Those are alternative facts [8)]

Gus Fring:
1 - Raven would not be overpowered lol
2 - It's 15 RPA to max a single branch. 30 RPA to max out sci. (50% per branch, 100% allocated at once). 1 RPA = 6.66% science

Scarlet -

The in game guide is up to date. Notice how hnr says it kills more in the text, which brings it to 6%

Dwarf mines is a racial attribute. The guide shows those on the race, but I added it to buildings. Attacks will show facials soon also. Ops/spells are next to get facelift.

Labs might be wrong. I was pretty sure they produced 25 though... I'll double check.

All buildings have always held 10 citizens by default, it was often overlooked.

Gus Fring -


I am really bad at maths. Could you further explain how'd you get to 1 RPA=6,66%?

if 15 RPA maxes out 1 branch to 50% that would be 50/15=3,33% per RPA no?
same as 30 RPA would max out 100%(2 branches of 50%) 100/30=3,33% per RPA

Kappa -

Welcome to the age of Nazguls grabbing Nazguls

Smikis -

HnR just have 3% for attacker, there is no extra 3 in any text in in game guide, so its 3% 3% for attacker,defender, which makes it look useless

Sanzo -

Gus Fring:
Sorry., I got mixed up. You're right. 1RPA = 3.33%

Smikis: I see 3% for attacker and 6% for defender in game guide

Quote: Scarlet
Labs might be wrong. I was pretty sure they produced 25 though...

Uhh... Do you mean YARDS??

Doc -

Hi Guys! I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!

@Gus: yeah, my maths is bad, too, but i'm getting the same number as you. i have little confidence in
my maths, though.

@ Smikis: thanks for reading the in-game guide before responding. in this day and age, knee-jerk reactions
to what someone says without consideration is all too common.

@Sanzo : that is correct, you do not know what i 'm talking about. i may go to suggestion thread from here
to see if we can get an emoji that looks super confused for your future posts. [evilgrin]

@Scarlet: since you are the one who posted the Age changes including the in-game guide and a response to
my question saying the in-game guide is up to date, it is most important that you understand my question
so that the players can all be on the same page as to how buildings and attacks work.

i think the best way to understand it is to open up 2 tabs. the first should be the wiki page and
the second should be the in-game guide. compare the text for mines between the 2 pages and the amount
of crowns received for each mine built per tick. next, compare the text for research points received per
laboratory per tick. lastly, compare the text on percentages of defender losses on hit n run attacks.

so, if the in-game guide is up-to-date, then my question was asking if the wiki is old and outdated
or if these are new changes and just were not included in the above changes to this upcoming age.

Fergx -


Produce research points for your alliance to invest in Science
Holds Produces

10 Citizens

25 Research Points (RP) per tick

Smikis -

Hit 'n' Run

An attack that can be used to wear down a larger tribe.
Attacker Losses Defender Losses

3% 3%

Can only be used against larger tribes
Requires 50% offense to break the defender
Generals take 2 months to recover after the attack

Still just 3% loss for defender in ingame guide, I know wiki says 6%

Scarlet -

Ah, HnR is currently missing something (the kills section said kills double) Must have been removed after I edited it. Ill fix it and ask max to update it

I will edit labs, as they produce 1rp per tick. That was missed whenI looking for errors.

Thanks for noticing.
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