Age 120 AatWards Winners

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Sanzo -

Dear players,

Due to the few nominations, most categories went uncontested.
If we receive more nominations in future ages, a proper poll will be held.
Below are your AatWard winners.

Best Tribe Name (tie)
Mrs Clause Touched My Package (#36) [1st]
- Funny Xmas joke

Office Slave (#14) [1st]
- Funny name

Most Evul Alliance
[empty alliance] (#36) [1st]
- Oping oow

Best Novice
Moog (#14) [1st]
- Active, engaged. Team player.

Most Effective Team Leader
Blabla (#31) [1st]
- ENDer the last dinosaur

These holdovers from earlier ages have also been awarded

Age 119 AatWards

Best Tribe Name (tie)
Dairy (#31) [2nd]
- Legendary

Orange You Glad? (#21) [2nd]
- yes I am

Age 118 AatWards

Most Effective Team Leader (tie)
Norspan (#19) [2nd]
- Strong leader, coordinates kills efficiently

Bigfoot (#21) [2nd]
- Managed to convince me to wait on getting vengeance and not do an early offence pump

Age 117 AatWards

Best Tribe Name
Well Rept Secret (#13) [2nd]
- Funny name

Please visit the Gallery Page to view your past accolades, see last age's winners, and also make nominations for the current age. We hope to see more nominations come in!

Anon -

congrats all.

didnt we used to get pms to remind us to nominate twice an age or so, it would increase participation? i cant remember the last time i remembered to nominate, i tried once but i was too early or something[8)]

Sanzo -

In that case I will send AatWard nomination reminders [up]

Anon -


poopy -

Earlyish reminder and maybe with 3 days left remind me and I will vote!
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