Age 121 AatWards Nominees

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Sanzo -

Greetings Players,

Below are your AatWard Nominees.
There were five (5) other categories where we only received one nominee. Those winners will be revealed at the end of the poll.

Best Tribe Name
Over eating (#36)
-Every time they are raven we hate him

Eat it (#36)
-Eat it

[CD] Get by with Rept Hai (#40)
-Reason: just funny =]

Most Evul Alliance
[empty alliance] (#23)
-Such bottomfeeding have never been seen before!
-Reason: OMG those bottom feeding 10k raven and balrog.

I scream U scream (#36)
-Reason: Been jerks for ages everyone always wants a piece of them
-Good sports but needs to die

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