Age 51 changes

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robokop -

Staff doesn't frown upon it, what players do is up to themselves in this case [evilgrin]

Joe -

@ Rob: people will still hate you for it. Apart from that, as long as you aren't trying to actively help one side by coordinating/communicating it's ok to annoy people ;)

Canadi@n -


Rob -

sounds good! [up]

Jamzi -

wooo for vigilante justice!![up] It's dog eat dog guys!

h412ry -

damn.. i really dont understand with the new war system.. T_T

please explain in indonesian languange.. [cry]

AgmAr -

As requested.

Tindakan kejahatan terhadap suku-suku lain memberikan Permusuhan antara Anda dan aliansi mereka. Setelah mencapai tingkat tertentu, perang secara otomatis akan mulai. Dalam perang Anda akan mendapatkan Power untuk tindakan kejahatan. Perang dimenangkan ketika batas Daya tercapai, atau jika batas waktu tercapai aliansi yang diperoleh Daya kebanyakan.

Senang bisa membantu.

h412ry -

whaaaatz... the translation word is so strange agmar... [:|][:|]

AgmAr -

Blame Google Translate [;)]

xiannic -

We should change all our guide materials into -> malay -> english translations:

Evil actions against other tribes give rivalry between you and their alliances. After reaching a certain level, the war will start automatically. In war you will get Power for evil actions. The war be won when the limit is reached, or if the time limit is reached alliance gained force most.

Happy to help.

Cecil -

google translate is horrible with grammar

tolyakarpov -

this is the best changes the admin ever made..thumbs up cool

Deedy -


but this fun..[heart][up]

VorteX -

where is Pollito?

BinChristan -

I think this new war system is getting a bit out of control...
Right now it looks like even the smallest fart or cough is creating a war :p
For me our first war was nice, second already started when first wasn't finished yet, when finished first the third started, and after losing and surrendering now our 4th and 5th war started.
The average age of our tribes has dropped from about 60 to 25 :D

rEdL|nE -

well, no one likes KP :P

xiannic -

Yeah, they are dicks those guys... wait, what??

AgmAr -

Bunch of *&&*)#@#^&@#(&%# !!! [evilgrin]

roon -


gonzo -

see how many wars you can get into. This will get interesting. Can you declare 2 wars at once?

xiannic -

There is no limit on wars. (Well, except total number of alliances)

rEdL|nE -

maxx explore in the alliance and you can have aatw world war. only this time you'd have to battle everyone and you're gonna have no allis

Bolle -

Added quick-fix:

Exploring an acre yields 0.1 or (200/your_size) hostility, whichever is lower

Rather than the old (250/your_size).

Cecil -

if that doesnt work might be good to make a scaling growth hostility

Fakesmile -

Make growth faster, wars are faster and more so we need to grow faster to keep up the pase
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