Age 110 Changes

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Jolten -

Race Changes

Uruk Hai -Remove

High Elf - Remove Spec gain trait.

Basic Slinger 0/0 85 cr
Off Sage 4/0 450 cr
Def Longbowmen 0/6 600 cr
Elite Priestess 8/8 1,250 cr
Thief Rogue 0/0 300 cr

Add Dragon
3 hour attack time

homes hold 275

50% of normal losses when attacking or defending

Mines produce 350cr

Farms produce 75% of normal

Baby Dragon (2/2) - 150cr

Green Dragon (7/0) - 275cr

Yellow Dragon (0/8) - 500cr

Red Dragon (14/7) - 1250cr

White Dragon (0/0) - 200cr

Starting cash 1.75mil

Science Change

Add 90% Political + 10% chance of evasion


Destructive attacks (Blasphemy Crusade, Pillage, Raze) now only give fame in war.

Peanut -

pretty poor Changes IMO lack of choices once again just my opinion

Noodle -

So Mori is the only orc race, and spirit is the only cursed race now? Unless dragon will fall under cursed for another synergy

Hecate -

I agree with peanut, but it is what it is, I guess. Good luck all in the next age

Tommies -

115 cr per off point for HE vs 61 cr per off point for draggie?

Not even beginning about the def spec and elites. At 500 acres draggie makes what, 30-40k cr less a tick?

Please have another look on the numbers. If it stays like this we will see dragons going 20k off 6.5k def out of the gate and pillage every 3. It will not take much time for an active draggie to rule rest of age. Also, the def spec point is too high. Draggie is an attacking race, not a possible attacking thief.

Back in the days draggie had 50% less income on mines and 200 citz per home if i remember correctly. They got buffed too much.

Tukk -

@ Noodle Dragons have always been under the winged family.

Bongo -

werent they 10/0 0/15 and 15/15 or some such... half pop half income?

Tommies -

yes Bongo. but also more pricy on troops i believe.

Tukk -

Green dragons once we're 25/0
Yellow deagons 0/32
Red dragons 50/15
White dragon 0/0

I am sure lot's more changes but i liked this age [evilgrin]

Bongo -

yes lots of nerfs over the ages... used to be 50 civies per home as well

Jolten -

Dragons now are almost the same as their original forms.

They were changed to the 50/15 elite version under infinity version of the game

Bolle -

Dragon are too cheap but factor in the soldier cost too.

WayHigh -

Whatever the case I'm happy High Elves got Nerf cuz that was kind of ridiculous

Templars are hella powerful that's the only Mage that works all other Mages suck Mages need some growth nurse not power nurse growth Nerfs

WayHigh -

Sorry not nurse but Buffs Mages need to be able to grow better

Silencio Reborn -

You didn't fix raven speed problem and now you introduce a race that is almost as fast with twice the efficiency. Replacing raven with the older dragon version would have been more realistic and maybe even some small nerfs to the dragon on top of that. It looks like you brought back an overpowered race and injected it with steroids.

Looks like a good round to be ridiculously efficient and wait outside top raven/dragons attack range since you can't defend them anyway. Oh wait I forgot about the option to choose raven or dragon. Well at least we have some options.

If this is all of the changes, then I recommend everyone who can't compete with the top play suicide raven and hit dragons until you die from overpopulation. A dragon will still win, but at least it will be a challenging round for them until they fix dragons next round. This is assuming you are not in a big enough alliance to have lots of thieves/mages to take the dragons out with.

May the best dragon win next round.

Buffy -

There is a raven speed problem to fix?

Hal -

Whats the raven speed problem? Ravens grows fast but how many Ravens do you see that makes it through an entire age? It's been at least 6 or 7 ages since a raven won the age

Bolle -

Raven speed problem is the constant raidkilling.

Early age is gonna be ravens raidkilling dragons, then the question is which wins out.

Dragon should win cuz they're cheap enough to come back from getting killed, especially with the respawn formula being as it is.

In the end it all depends on whether one alliance is willing to HnR / t/m-kill the #1 alliance's ravens to take those down. Once they're dead it's dragon attackers all age.

Tommies -

Dragons won't get killed by raids. They only have 25citz less a home. Not like back in the old days. Unless it's a full ally with ravens that target a specific dragon

Hal -

and 30% sci is easy to get to get 30% regrowth. raid kill was really only a problem at 50 citz per 275 it's not much different to any other race

Bolle -

We could raidkill HEs all day last age, it just didn't matter.

Raidkilling with ravens is definitely viable. The growth science regen doesn't start til after ravens passed their peak (end of week 1)

Bongo -

Ravens are The Best first two week race in the game...

Jolten -

Sorry for the disappointing changes for this age. Next age will have alot more changes to the races. Recently we've been busy with IRL stuff so had to keep them pretty simple.

I appreciate all of your feedback. Have faith and happy hunting this new age.

Hal -

what? how dare staff have lives, dont you owe it to us to work for free ??

max -

There is one more change:

Destructive attacks (Blasphemy Crusade, Pillage, Raze) now only give fame in war.

Bongo -

pillage should be left alone... hard to pillage in war... most guys go war buildings
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