Age 110 Changes

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Hecate -

Pillage is hardly ever used in war

Boats -

I agree unless its against a dwarf [;)]

Bongo -

might be something in coding that makes leaving just pillage as is??

Nandu -

I asked what damage attacks do outside of war and was told it is 50% . I tested 3 kinds of attacks and all 3 destroyed less than 50% of the numbers listed in the guide. ( I checked research of attacked tribes, synergies, and races to be sure there were no modifiers to buildings destroyed) All attacked tribes were over 80% my land size. So... Expect your fame bonus to be even smaller than your calculations suggest since it is based on number of buildings destroyed

Scarlet -

I dunno why pillage got added to that tbh... It's not affected by war damage mod. Why would fame mod for war apply.

I'll ask why.

Edit: result of vague wording

Tommies -

Goodluck and have fun everyone!![up]

Noodle -

Ok there we go outta the graveyard here we go[heart]

Bongo -

hey tukk i couldnt hear you...

Bolle -

That's cuz it was written text.

Tukk -

So let me get this right... We do not remove suicide builds for military because 1) you all enjoy shit like this at age start or 2) Jolten wanted 5 dragons with all off specs because it's what 125 likes to do. Next time listen to the community when we tell you that a race is too strong when we see the age changes. My guess Jolten saw this dragon age to cause more havoc [8).

Any good devs team staff would have never passed this ubsurd cheap off race [:|. Another age of HEs just with a different name [up]

Tukk -

1 race should never dominate an age this badly... Not a very fun age thus far...

Race Players %
Dragon 24 45.28 %
Spirit 7 13.21 %
Fairy 4 7.55 %
Raven 4 7.55 %
Owl 3 5.66 %
Dwarf 2 3.77 %
Brittonian 2 3.77 %
Dark Elf 2 3.77 %
Templar 2 3.77 %
Mori Hai 1 1.89 %
Light Elf 1 1.89 %
High Elf 1 1.89 %

Jolten -

For the record, the normal age change admin didn't have any changes for the age. I ran the dragon race through the rest of the dev team and I did make changes to them as they had suggested. I never went pure offensive specs. However I'll be sure to keep my nose out of the development from now on.

Boats -

It aint a blame game Jolt.

Point blank we all messed up and didn't catch it, as we were focused more on the red dragon.

Next age changes will be more focused on preventing suicders as has been the case for some ages now, as well as correcting the drag, among other things.

Bolle -

Eh well I caught it.

But you're right it's not a blame game.

Bongo -

to much pop and income for the early start... still surprised there is no ravens

Mistro -

I caught the fact that HE was broken the very first age they were introduced....

I was told my services were no longer required in the dev team...

Tommies -

Don't want to get credits or anything, but I clearly explained on my first post that draggie was OP for this age sorely by calculating the troops cost per unit that in many cases, is almost twice as cheap compared to other attackers. None of the admins seemed to be bothered with it.

I feel sorry for all the Non-draggies this age. Hope they can kill off a few![up]

Bongo -

well they fixed it so you couldnt get killed right after an attack... time to fix the amount of raw offense/defense ratio allowed... that way no one can start or restart with just offense...

Nandu -

@ Admins: Jolten and others, don't let the whining get to ya. You made a change that is
equally applicable to all players since we get to choose our entire strategy, including choice
of race, as we see fit to attempt to win a game.

@ Players: To see the strengths of a particular strategy, or race, is only one half of the
equation. Looking at the weaknesses of that strategy, or that race, is the next half. Then,
you balance whether the exploitabilty of those weaknesses outweighs the strengths. As
was pointed out in the whiny HE thread last Age, you can pick whomever you like in this
game. If you thought HE was too strong, you should have taken them. If you thought a
Uruk Hai strategy with the Mortality spell cast all age long and repeated bombardments
of HEs was a better strategy, there ya go. Same goes with Dragon analysis.

This is one of the only remaining games of this genre. Try to enjoy it and match wits
with your fellow players. 1 guy is gonna win. That means 39 will be dissatisfied with
the results. What you do with that dissatisfaction is what makes a man (or woman)
out of you.

Bongo -

im not thinking most here at the moment are whining... just adding suggestions to make sure some of the same faults taken out of one race arent shuffled off to another

Bolle -


Cuz everyone should of course know how overpowered the death formula is for a race that gains units on suicidal grabs

I mean, it makes sense:
- suiciding is a perfectly appropriate strategy. Defensive units? Who gives a shit. What are they in the game for even?
- killing is a perfectly pointless activity. Why take out competition? Of course it has no value.
- death formula is of course perfectly known. Though it can't be found unless you read all announcement threads.

So yeah, definitely a strat you all should have seen coming and one that is perfectly viable.

Get off your high horse Nandu. The game is broken. The devs just need a few things:
- free time
- the will to fix this shit.
- the knowledge to do so.

I dunno how much of either they have, but I assume the best and go with lack of free time and knowledge

But I don't go around claiming a diamond in the rough isn't in bloody bad shape.

This game had significant and commendable improvements done in the form of priests, science, inventive races and some other small stuff, but the finetuning is utterly and completely whacky.

Imagination? 10/10
Balance? 4/10

Tommies -

I agree with Bolle.[up]

Noodle -

At least the dragons are not immortal and don’t gain def specs with every acre conquered lol

Boats -

I just want some of u to think over this before you chime in later on or in future posts.

Half of us playing this game have been admins at one point or another. While the imagination and creativity of some is more than others, the fact is that as players all you have to do is play the game. Yet, the ones who are blamed are always admins of course. Bolle, Sanzo, Jolt, Scarlet and myself shit even Max who usually is the coder, get blamed.

We all make sacrifices and some of us don't even play much or at all. We do it for the game, to keep it alive and you as players to enjoy it and while sometimes it's frustrating for players due to combinations being installed, let it be traits, research or units it's bound to fuck up here and there.

We cant keep everyone happy. If U dont like how shit is running, then may I suggest u get ur ass of the couch and submit to join admins and help but for y'all as players to include some admins or ex-admins, to bad mouth the creativity and dedication some people dedicate their time to a game YOU play is pretty pathetic and sad, especially when I have played with over half of you since age 3.

Bongo -

i wrote the basic same thing in discord... volunteers so cut the admins some slack... post your ideas and thoughts respectfully with no name calling or insults... maybe if some of the admins came up with an in game survey that might help as well...
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