Age 110 Changes

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Bongo -

i wrote the basic same thing in discord... volunteers so cut the admins some slack... post your ideas and thoughts respectfully with no name calling or insults... maybe if some of the admins came up with an in game survey that might help as well...

Boats -

Thoughtless minds like yourself peanut is what I'm talking about.

It isnt just about changing crap and walla it's done. Its about what combinations work and what don't. It's not 1 voice but more than a handful making decisions on the game. It's about the time to dedicate in any given age. Some ages admins are more active than others.

I am not going to explain myself nor do I need to explain to anyone, I didnt post what I said because I'm hurt mate lmao. Those who know me, know I can shut u and anyone in a E-penis posts quick, so these posts I'm making is obvious not about Gits/Boats but because of the mind boggling comments of some of you when you have no idea how things work.

Take a seat mate. Just relax and play the game we give ya, if you dont like it, the door is always open for you leave sweetie. [;)]

P.S. dont edit your posts mate.

Peanut -

this is why you shouldn't have power your a hot head i removed my post but you are an idiot to me

Boats -

Yup I'm the hothead who posted Dumbass comments right? call me bro. I'll text u my number.

Peanut -

go ahead ill call you no problem at all. You are a hot head you just cried and got mad after my post?

i care about this game so i post what i believe to be right from all angles and im not afraid to do so people disagreeing with you is a part of life .

you might of played since age 3 i started playing when you were 3 years old and your demeanor hasnt changed

Bongo -

calm down peeps... just play with what we got...

Noodle -

I’m playing again and I’m from 🇨🇦

Scarlet -

Locking this thread because it's off topic, and no longer constructive.
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