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Bolle -

Yes, they took advantage of the situation, but at what cost? They lost all their acres, their position, everything. And they got nothing lasting in return. Even worse, they choose the worst race for mass use that is possible in orkfia. If you do not understand that this whole maneuver was worst for the alliance we're talking about, you're either very stubborn, or you don't understand that it's worse. In both cases, it is impossible for me to change your mind.

I do hope most people realize that it was a sacrifice. And remember - a dragon is easily raidkilled. Especially when his engi sci is gone.

dragonscorpion -

Bolle -

You know, giving up your 2k acre heritage for a 400 acre start is called sacrifice, despite any soothening circumstances.

"as long as possible" is 5-6 days in this case, as is shown in the changes and research formula.

Staff development has thought up the changes, yes, and elders have read these changes and tried to profit from them as much as they can. Developers also play the game and, because of their understanding of the game, they happen to play in the top alliances. This is all true, yet it is no valid proof of any accusations you make. You are connecting several facts without having any reliable basis for these connections. This is usually classified as a personal attack (instead of a fact-based reasoning showing errors of several kinds that should be corrected) and thus outlawed by the CoC.

Bolle -

Btw, congratz to the coders for fixing the pestilence problem and the unit training time for non-basics. Any info I can find in my tribe points to that fact at least (you know lose 4.5% citz per update with pest and training takes 4 hours for non-basics).

Because editing seems to be unhealthy I will here provide the sentence I would have liked to add to my last post:

At least, I think it is outlawed - I am no member of LnO and thus I can not decide on matters such as these. But my reasoning seems sound enough, which leads me to think that I am correct.
Also, I said that 'establishing connections between several facts without a reliable basis for these connections is a personal attack'. This is of course not true, when read literally. First, it is a personal assault (see CoC). Second, false connecting is not a personal assault. I meant to say that in this case, where the practice of falsely connecting facts seems to conjure some kind of insidous personal assault, I think it is against the CoC.
And no, the assault is not versus me, it is against the developers of orkfia (of whom I am no official part, member or representative, and thus anything said by me has no actual consequences for them or their position). All I do is suggest changes, comment on possible changes when I am asked to comment, and giving my approval or disapproval to any of these changes. The whole process of the development of the change after the initial idea is something I have never been participating in (though my earlier comments might have been added - I am actually under the impression that the initial idea is largely differing from the actual implementation, except for the decay formula).

Martel -

Yes, I've fixed the bugs and the display is actual proof :)

Let's just end the discussion about a certain top alliance here and now, they used the opportunity with a new research system to have fun - while giving up their #1 position and heritage bonuses. It is surely a gamble, but nothing that needs to be argued or defended in this thread.

edit: Thanks!

dragonscorpion -

~"This is all true, yet it is no valid proof of any accusations you make. You are connecting several facts without having any reliable basis for these connections." ~ Bolle

The facts speak for themselves, I'm merely pointing them out, others can come to their own conclusions. What, you wanted specifics? I'm sure if I started naming names you'd be invoking violations of "CoC" again... When all else fails, call in the censors?

By the way, the COC for personal attacks is as follows: "1.1. Personal attacks of any kind (including but not limited to; racial, sexual, homophobic, religious or ethnic epithets) on other players will not be tolerated. Please respect other people and their opinions." Nowhere have I done this. And definitely no where have I tried to intimidate YOU into being silent {which would be very disrespectful}. Now, try to respect my opinions... :D

~""as long as possible" is 5-6 days in this case, as is shown in the changes and research formula." ~ Bolle

Nope. Day 5 into their big research purchase and they're still maxed out on all of the old, and one branch of the new. According to the research page it's supposed to naturally decay from 25-20rpa within 3 days... However, when you purchase over the max it has to decay through that first. Considering the large acreage held before and the small acreage held now, who knows how long it will last...

There, now you all can censor, get in the last word, whatever you want to do. Everyone else can make up their own minds.

Bolle -

I got nothing to say, you just IS us in 3 days.

Mr. Fix -

If I may take the liberty of hijacking one of my favorite 80's movies I will say with reckless abandon...
"...sir, I've come to the conclusion that your new defense (research in this case) system sucks!"
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