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Bolle -

Yes, Seraphims.

robokop -

changes to dragon and templars are uploaded

Mr. Snow -

damn lol

Fakesmile -

and do we get credits? my dpa dropped [evilgrin]

robokop -

the temps do have extra market creds :)

Smokey -

See bug report.

Magician -

why do attackers always get screwed in this game? So a t/m loses defense so they get crowns to make up for that, but an attacker loses offense and no one cares. Is it because all the larger alliances have templars so they can get an advantage. Just in case anyone is confused I am wondering the reasoning for a dragon not getting any crowns they are effected just as much as templars.

Personally I think no race should have got anything but since one did you should make it fair

Bolle -

I'd suggest you talk to Darkwing (he thinks explorers always get screwed). You can then conclude matters making things a lot easier for Dev.

Dragon's aren't getting any crowns because they only lose offense, not defense, and because their loss is a lot smaller than the templars; 1/12th vs 1/6th. Also, Templars paid loads more for their 0/6 def than they do now, so they'd have wasted loads of cash earlier. Dragons pay 50 less, but pay 50 more for their defense now.

Darkwing -

I'd suggest you talk to Darkwing (he thinks explorers always get screwed).

[;)] I did not want to comment on his post....... [:D]

Magician -

haha, well I will admit I have not played this game for a long time and am just stopping by for a little bit so maybe it has changed and it is the explorers always getting screwed. But the idea that dragons are losing just offense so they dont get crowns is not a good argument. They are an attacking race. Having a good offence is their defence. The basis of each race is different, offence is just as important to a dragon as defence is to a templar.
And ok Templars paid 200 cr more originaly and dragons paid 50 cr more. 50 cr is a lot to a dragon just like 200 cr is a lot to a templar. I dont feel like thinking about it too much but I bet it is similar even with the smaller armies of dragons if you consider the amount of income each received.

Like i said I am not really arguing the dragons should get crowns I just think no one should get anything. It would be a lot easier on Dev too.

It is already a big help to t/m then one of the better attackers got a little worse they should not need crowns on top of that.

Cecil -

unlike everyone else i think all the races are getting

Bolle -

700 to 500 is a much bigger difference than 1450 to 1400 [;)]

@Cecil, then why are you in Dev? Your job is supposedly to prevent races getting screwed. Announcements would hardly be the proper place to discuss this structural screwing.

Cecil -

u failed to hear the sarcasm then[:p]

Magician -

I am not trying to be rude but can you explain how 700 to 500 is much different then 1350 to 1300? I mean say a dragon income is 75k an update and a templar is making 500k an update. The, factoring in the idea that a templar has at least 10X as many troops, I think is pretty even. And you have the fact that the templar will be able to train more quickly now that the change is made while a dragon will train at similar speed. yes there will be efficiency problems for templars but that makes it more even for both races.
Basically the dragon lost something but the templar is given back what it lost.
If it was even why wouldn't everyone be playing dragon still.
I really think it has to do with a lot of large players playing templar being the reason they get crowns.
I do respect the staff of this game as they have stuck with the game for a long time. I was just hoping for a little better explanation of why one race gets an advantage while the other does not.

I wont complain anymore I promise

Bolle -

500/700 is 0.71. 1400/1450 is 0.96. So the relative difference in crowns is a lot bigger. Income doesn't matter in this at all.

The dragon lost something (5 offense) and gained something (not having to pay 50 extra crowns for the defense units they have).
The templar only lost something.

And you should complain. Just also give arguments. And you don't even have to be convinced by our arguments, in fact it'd be cool if you could convince us we're wrong [:p]

sanzi -

Bolle you're wrong cause I said so![evilgrin]

Frisbee -

Didnt templaes gain the cost reduction for the 0/5 troops with 200cr?
Is kinda the samething that the dragons got :p

Bolle -

Yes, their costs were reduced. That means they paid 200 crowns too much for any 0/6 they had trained up to that time.

SvenneBalle -

I think the attackers are screwed not just bcus of this, but they have been nerfed for a long time now. Soon DE will be the best attacking race with 5/7 which cost around 700cr.(that is very good, compared to many other attacking races)

I mean where's the good old 14/1 uruk elites and nazzies 9/9. Ahh the good old times [:D]

Bolle -

I suggest you discuss this in Game Talk [:)]

Twinnie -

as an attacker having trouble fending off 2 DEs i know how it feels :(

Hoffie -

Mhuhahahaha!?! [evilgrin]

Darkwing -

I think the attackers are screwed not just bcus of this, but they have been nerfed for a long time now.

Recently they were allowed to build up to 25% weps. Plus CB that gives 40% extra offence for stop whining and get on with it. [8)]

SvenneBalle -

Lol and explorer races are allowed to 25% walls so that was a shitty argument [;)] (and if elf race 5% racespell def so its equal to the attackers modifier)

But we shouldnt discuss this in this thread

Cecil -

explorers would have to maintain 25% walls which severely hampers their growth, that and walls are one of the easiest buildings to destroy

weaps only need to be pumped in for the attack and then converted back to growth buildings
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