Age 46 changes

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Bolle -

The age 46 changes focus on making the game more balanced. We know there are still potentially weaker or boring races around, but this requires some time. We'd love to hear suggestions to make Oleg Hai and High Elf less alike.

Reintroduced races

Mori Hai: 45% homes allowed. 3 hour attack time, 2/5 homes count as hideouts
0/0; 50 cr.
6/0; 700 cr.
0/5; 550 cr.
4/4; 750 cr.
2/1; 225 cr

Owl: 1 hour thief time. 2/5 self-op gains. Failed ops leave no traces. Intel ops do not require thievery plans.
0/0; 30 cr.
5/0; 450 cr.
0/8; 1100 cr.
5/5; 850 cr.
0/5; 500 cr.

Wood Elf: +25% max tp.
0/0; 50 cr.
6/0; 450 cr.
0/6; 500 cr.
0/8; 910 cr.
0/1; 150 cr.

Race changes

Paladin 0/6 700 cr → 0/5 500 cr
Cleric 3/1 275 cr → 2/1 250 cr

10/40 900 cr → 10/40 950 cr.
60/15 1450 cr → 55/15 1400 cr.
Removed: +25 year lifespan.
Changed: -50% citz killed by raid, fireball and Poison Water -> -25% citz killed by raid, fireball and Poison Water.
Changed: 50% damage reduction on all building-damaging forces -> 25% damage reduction on all building-damaging forces.

The changes to the units of Templar and Dragon will be implemented on July 7th. We will consider giving crowns to people losing a lot of defense due to this.

The Dragon lifespan change will be implemented after the three biggest dragons have died of age. We have talked to Pablo Escobar #19, the only big dragon who would have been affected by these changes, and he has graciously accepted the lifespan change. The smaller and younger dragons will just have to deal with their shortened lives.


Exploration formula (crown cost):

Was: Cr = (6000 + (L*6))
Now: Cr = (3000 + (L*6))

Starting military is now on par with heritage cash, so 500*17500 is the worth of your military, including soldier cost. Except if the race you choose is affected by a modifier of course: those races are Dragon, Balrog, Light Elf and Dwarf.

Frisbee -

The only one losing defense is Templars.

And if you should give momey for the loss do it 12 hours before so people may have a chance to train the troops.
And will you give mone for both def troops and soldiers??

And about the heritage. Will you have def troops from the start or only.the heritage bonus?

Fakesmile -

agreed with frisbee on the templars changes

jammed -

no shit. i am special mentioned in the age changes. :P

Cecil -

they feel that templars are op cause bolle and joe went out of their way to make an unbalanced build with them and are basing their changes on that[8)]

Sonix -

Honestly, I think this is advance enough notice and you can calculate how many extra units you would need to make up for the change so I honestly believe any extra compensation isn't really necessary.

But that's just me :).

@ Cecil, lol what can we do :P. There weren't any attackers or thieves left around their size, but 4 BCs from our dragon did have a really serious effect on a templars dpa and ML. From 310 to like 275 and from ML 62 to ML 45 or so.

Cecil -

thats why i said in that situation the issue wasnt the race it was a lack of players, particularly at the top

Sonix -

Yea I agreed with you but I guess we have to adjust to our player base as well. Maybe when we get more players we can make them more efficient again.

Cecil -

and that right there is admitting the games defeat, altering the game stats to compensate for losing players which will in turn lose more players as the game races become blander

Sonix -

I disagree, races are constantly changing in this game every age so I don't see anything wrong in changes that relate to the player base.

Cecil -

changes made to make the game better or more interesting is the goal, not dumbing things down cause we are lower on players

Pollito -


Sonix -

balancing the game to not make races OP in the current situation falls under the “make the game better” category.

That aside, my suggestion wasn't to make them less efficient but to give them an appropriate risk to running that high ML or that many guilds. In the end, though, they became less efficient. I guess we'll see if it makes too much of a difference or not.

dumahz -

Hey now, bolle promised I'd be immortal and live forever!

Sonix -

Lol that one seems like it already came true...

dumahz -

Just because I'm 28,000 acres means nothing :p

Mr. Snow -

fuck...... *instantly jealous cause he never got past 5k or so*[cry]

Tashi -

Lol you kept me from getting that high :P. When i got in range you pumped and hit.

jammed -

@Tashi: can you drop your walls so that i can hit you? [;)]

Mr. Snow -


sanzi -

/me passes blunt to Tashi.
If that don't get you high I don't know what will

[on_topic]woot changes![/on_topic]

dumahz -

Lol tashi, I feared you sneaking up and grabbing me, so I hit/trained..... didn't trust bolle enough to not KT a troop fat dragon

That and I was bored since I hit 90 lol

dumahz -

Too bad I can't live long enough to hit 30,000 lol.... just over 1100 short

Mr. Snow -

hahaha still jealous of you

dumahz -

You just need to play a race that fits your style/activity level lol.... my first age back I hit 15,000 from 400 as a britt... by 90 -- only stopped when the alliance complained I was too big and making them easy war targets

Mr. Snow -

well im a DE and im at 1.5k the best ive ever gotten was mori hai 5.3k
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