All attackers have a bonus of 1 tick shorter training time for basic military and do not require a general for military exercises.


Human Attacker

They might be short but they sure are mighty! Dwarves are keen warriors and flexible tribespeople. Building and mining skills honed through the generations ensure they are the quickest of all races to convert from growth/war/defensive builds, the little people are very versatile and quick to react.

Racial Abilities

  • Cannot build Homes
  • All buildings hold 90 citizens (except Mines hold 140)
  • Barracks does not hold military
  • 2 months construction time

Military Units

Class Off/Def Cost
Basic Grunt 1/0 150 cr
Off Hammer Smasher 4/1 380 cr
Def Mortar Team 0/5 520 cr
Elite Grey Beard 7/6 1,375 cr
Thief Short Cloak 0/0 450 cr

High Elf

Elf Attacker

A handsome race but don't they know it! Vanity combined with a talent for social manipulation means that famous High Elves use the influence they gain to reach their goals, regardless of the cost to their enemies. The HE troops use the magic of their ancient ancestors to grant themselves immortality ahead of their planned attacks.

Racial Abilities

  • Immortality: All units are immortal in combat
  • Vanity: Each point of fame gives 0.002% damage dealt and land gained on attacks
  • Liberation: 10 Longbowmen join your returning army per acre conquered when attacking non-elves
  • +100% fame gained on attacks

Military Units

Class Off/Def Cost
Basic Slinger 0/0 75 cr
Off Sage 6/0 550 cr
Def Longbowmen 0/6 600 cr
Elite Priestess 8/8 1,250 cr
Thief Rogue 0/0 300 cr


Winged Attacker

Silent but oh so violent. Highly intelligent birds lurking in the shadows, their blackened wings give the advantage of extreme speed. This is no birdwatching outing and the flock is hard to see until it's too late.

Racial Abilities

  • As the crow flies: 1 month attack time
  • On failed attack 50-75% return after 1 month
  • Strength in Numbers: 75% of normal military losses
  • Flock Mentality: 75% of normal damage on Blasphemy Crusade, Raze and Pillage
  • 40% of normal gains on Clear a Perimeter

Military Units

Class Off/Def Cost
Basic Nester 0/0 10 cr
Off Blackclaw 3/0 230 cr
Def Razorwing 0/6 540 cr
Elite Blackwing 5/5 850 cr
Thief Screecher 0/0 250 cr

Uruk Hai

Ork Attacker

An advanced race of Orc that is tough as old boots, a true warrior. Their one aim in life is to loot, kill and destroy and they excel at murdering enemy forces. These are the monsters under your bed.

Racial Abilities

  • Kill +50% military units in combat
  • Rage
    • Gain 5% offense bonus per successful attack
    • Target must be greater than 75% of your size to gain a stack
    • Stack up to 15% offense (3 stacks)
    • Lose all stacks if your general remains home for 1 month
    • Lose 1 stack on retreats

Military Units

Class Off/Def Cost
Basic Pit Spawn 0/0 50 cr
Off Hill Troll 7/0 625 cr
Def Ogre Shaman 0/7 750 cr
Elite Half-Giant 11/3 1,450 cr
Thief Blackguard 0/0 275 cr